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About Us

We drive it like it is

With over 50 years of experience, we’re the trusted guide in car shopping.
  • Know before you buy
    Honest reviews, rankings and video test-drives
  • Know your offer
    Deal ratings on new and used listings near you
  • Know your purchase
    Tools to calculate budget, financing and more
  • Know your trade-in value
    Instant online appraisal — fast and free
We take the guesswork out of buying or selling a vehicle.

Who we are

With over 50 years of experience, Edmunds is the trusted guide in car shopping. Our website has in-depth video reviews, new and used listings, free appraisals, and calculators that verify a good price. Shoppers count on us at every step of their journey.
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We're the car experts

We literally get in the driver's seat to show shoppers how each car performs on the road. Read more about our annual Top Rated Awards and how our editors test cars.
Edmunds experts

Every year, our editorial team…

over 1/2 million
of hours of testing
more than 300
new vehicles

We know car shopping

Car shopping can be complicated. That's why the Editorial Team at Edmunds empowers shoppers with advice through our articles and videos. We tackle all the important questions. Should you buy new or used? What about leasing? We provide answers to help shoppers navigate the process.

We help shoppers buy with confidence

Shoppers should feel good about their purchase. That's why we let them know if they're getting the right deal — we provide deal ratings on nearby listings, quote comparisons, and calculators to determine budget and financing. We also help them find home delivery for a safer experience.

Our company culture

Our employees are the key to our continued success and innovation. If you join our team, you'll become part of our culture of TRUST.


  • Transparency
  • Resourcefulness
  • Urgency
  • Simplicity
  • Togetherness
These are our core values that drive the way we work. In order to fuel the potential of our company and employees, we also focus on maintaining an inclusive work environment filled with diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. We support the ongoing development and well-being of our employees and believe that by giving tools, resources and TRUST to employees, incredible results are possible.