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Buy this car!

23hammer, 10/11/2012
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I purchased this car to be my daily drive on my 100 mile daily commute. Running at 70 mph, I can get over 50 MPG in this car all day long! The car is amazingly quiet, comfortable, and nimble. I am enjoying the 6 speed manual immensley. The low end power provided by the diesel is amazing and really fun to drive (which was not expected in a diesel) The car feels like a much more expensive car on the road and you could litteraly hear a pin drop at 70 mph. The build quality is wonderful and best of all the car is built right here in the USA! Way to go VW, I hope many more people put this one on thier list!

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Wonderful car for DIYers

Adam, 08/11/2016
TDI SE 4dr Sedan w/Sunroof (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6AM)
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The Passat TDI is an amazing car that returns excellent fuel economy with PLENTY of smiles per gallon to go with it. That is, if you're willing to due your due diligence to take care of it. Use only VW 507.00 approved oil, do your 40k DSG services (YOURSELF to save a lot of money) and don't drive like an idiot. Also, a lot of people neglect the DSG transmission on the TDI and never do the 40k service intervals. If you are willing to 1. Do you own oil changed to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that VW 507.00 oil goes into the car, 2. Do your own DSG service (plenty of guides telling you how to do it, and in you can get a complete kit for $130) every 40 (I've done it and it's not all that bad), 3. protect your turbo by not running the car super hard right before shutting it off, then this car is an absolute joy to drive. I don't know why other cars have had turbo failures, but a lot of it could do with the engine oil being used and the way it is driven. If you drive a turbocharged car hard and shut it off not long after that, the engine oil in the turbo will "burn" because of how hot the turbo gets when driven hard. The way to avoid this is to drive the car normally/gently for the last few minutes before shutting it off to allow the circulating oil to cool the turbo to a safe temperature. Anyway, it could be something totally different. All I know is, my car has had NO failures whatsoever in it's history, and even though the 40k DSG service was not completed by the previous owner, the car shifted really smooth when I bought it. After doing a DSG service myself soon after the purchase, the shifting improved even further to a buttery smoothness that you don't even notice unless you're looking at the RPM cluster. On long trips I average 45mpg, but my overall average since buying the car is 41mpg.

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Well Designed

daddde, 12/03/2013
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I just purchased the gas model Passat 2.5 SE and have been very delighted with the car. highway mileage has ranged from 36.5 to 39.7 based on travel. Trunk storage is amazing. The seating is comfortable and extremely roomy. I do agree that the stock tires are a bit noisy, but that has nothing to do with the high quality of the car and i would highly recommend this car to anyone.

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Worthy of JB Power awards

joethegut1, 12/23/2012
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Traded in my Acura TL for this, needed more interior room but still something 'fun' to drive and good mileage. Decided for the TDI, dealer's offer was too good to pass up ($24,800). Very pleased, highway mileage is consistently 50+, quiet cabin, and sport mode really pushes the car when I need it. Ergonomics are great, seats aren't deep buckets but still firm and supportive. Back seat is HUGE, both width and depth, easily fit 3 adults comfortably or two car seats. Trunk is equally massive, fits all my stuff for work plus a full size 2 child stroller. Also knowing my maintenance is covered for the next 3 years is great peace of mind.

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scottlaurad, 10/19/2012
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I already own a 2005 Passat TDI that I bought new and passed it along to my son 4 years back. The '05 Passat is now 8 years old and runs great with a consistant 40+mpg which is great for a college kid. Also, I paid $21,500 new in '05 and the value today is $11,000. The TDI holds it's value which was another good reason to buy this car. In the three weeks I have owned the car we have been getting 42 mpg and had reached over 51 mpg on a 40 min. highway drive each way. One of the best features is how much room they managed to get in side the car and trunk. The stereo, gps, remote start and comfortable seating is amazing. Drive one for yourself and you will see the difference.

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