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Little Fast Tank

goodtogo, 08/05/2010
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I drive it to work everyday depending on which office between 20 and 60 miles. I can't get over how solid and rigid it is, just like a fast tank. I put one O2 sensor in it (it has four) and an oil separator that's it, except for tires.

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Daily Driver

Richard, 09/14/2010
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I drive the car all year round in the northeast. I recently rebuilt the engine. The piston rings were shot and I was burning more oil than gas.

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A tremendous sports car for the money

eDoug, 04/15/2009
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Since prices have come down on these, they represent a tremendous value for anyone seeking a sports car, and anyone charmed by the voluptuous shape and performance of a 911. While many snuffed the new looks of the 996 chassis and design, it's unmistakably all 911... and the performance on and off the track are testimony to it's heritage. There are some weak points mechanically in some cars, but this is factored in to the low prices we're seeing for these models. 2002 added some nice goodies - and it's a great year... Would I love a 2009 997? Perhaps, but when you might be able to pay cash for a 2002 with only incrementally lower performance (but less weight, too), it's an easy decision.

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Awesome Targa!!

Jonas, 12/31/2008
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I frequently change vehicles and have had some of the greats in the mid- price range - Elise, NSX, S2000. The 911 edges out the NSX for top honors in my opinion. It gives an unbelievably smooth ride when calm, but upon hard acceleration or cornering tightens up significantly. This is the first of the cars I've owned that my wife will drive. I've only had the car for a few months, but it hasn't missed a beat. Also, the torque curve is much more linear than any car I've previously owned. It's a welcoming contrast to the lack of bottom end power I've experienced in the past. In my opinion the Targa design is far superior to the standard 911; the glass breaks up the roof line nicely.

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The True Driver's Car!

robliski, 08/11/2014
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If you want a true sports car that has been designed around the driver, then this is the car for you. The engine performance is excellent, the sound is beautiful when she sings. Handling is very crisp and gives the driver an excellent feel of connectedness with the car. The interior is relatively comfortable with 2 little seats for the kids. The car has to be owned by a person who has basic mechanical knowledge and understands the concept of "Preventive Maintenance", otherwise it can cost the owner very dearly. But don't worry as there is a lot of help out there since this car has a lot of following.

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