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2011 Hyundai Equus

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Amazing car & incredible price

phil109, 04/02/2011
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I was on my way to buy another S class Mercedes when I hear about the Equus. Try one signature then bought an Ultimate two days after. The car had all details and options you can find on a Mercedes or Bmw, but more convenient, more smooth and more useful, all for a better price. Driving this car is as easy as possible, my only concern will be braking distances who tend to be a little bit longer than on my previous car. I was stunned by the 5y/60.000 miles valet service/maintenance program, a big change from the $400 Mercedes oil change. My local Mercedes dealer have mostly arrogants sales people, I was treated in a better way when I bought the Equus.

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Unbelievable value

losyaxons, 03/09/2011
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I have been driving BMW 7 series for the last twenty years and now have a new Equus Ultimate model and cannot imagine a better value. It has the same features as any of the available flagships for 30-40k less. As Hyundai gains market share, it will certainly appreciate in value. Opportunities like this rarely come along. I am in love with this car! Thank you, Hyundai

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Hyundai Equus Signature

clingenpeel, 03/22/2011
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I took delivery of My Signature On Jan 7. It has been a great car to drive. On a trip over the mountains it got 23.3 on regular.b On a trip over flat terrain it go 27,6 mpg. To all the biychers out there, my other car is a Mercedes S Class. The ammenities are the same except the Equus does not have a power trunk lid or automatic door closers. I feel like I just saved $40000

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Great Price Performance

paul1940, 01/24/2011
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I saw this car at the State Fair few months ago and have waited for test drive. I have driven about two weeks now and I absolutely love it. I thought my previous L***** is a quite car but this car is even quieter. This car might be the quietest car. All the features that I can find other luxury cars for this price is incredible. That is why I called the title "great price performance." For the reliability, the dealer said I get free maintenance for 5 years. There is no perfect car in the world but the price and performance (features, reliability, build quality, etc) is way better than any other luxury car I ever drove (L***** and B** 5).

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Excellent value for the price, amazing deal

sushibricks, 03/10/2011
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Family recently purchased the car. We've seen the previous generation Equus and saw how popular it was in Korea and decided to give this newer Equus model a try. Two words: Amazing improvement. This model cannot be compared with the previous models. The interior design improved greatly, in fact, Im actually pretty satisfied with the interior improvement. There's even a fridge! The rear seats have plenty of space, they definitely added more space back there because the previous models were a bit uncomfortable if u were in the back seat. Car is very quiet, has plenty of power. If you need a car similar to BMW 7, Benz S Class, or Lexus at a much cheaper price, then this car's the way to go

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