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My review was on the AWD Hemi 5.7 not the SE V6

lloboblanco, 02/20/2013
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As long as I'm making the correction to the model, I'll add some additional thoughts. I can't imagine any complaints on the Hemi other than the mileage. If you want great MPG, why buy the Hemi? My mixed driving MPG is 19.7. Highway MPG is 25.1. I believe this will improve as the car breaks in but I see little chance of the 30+ that some are claiming. Using regular gas gives me a 15% cost advantage over the small turbos I drove in the past so given the breathtaking performance, gas mileage is fine. I imagine a 10 - 15% improvement when the 8 speed is available later this year. On the road the ride is glass smooth & Lexus quiet. With the monster sound system the trips all seem shorter.

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Love This Car...

1heididog1, 12/22/2012
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We purchased our 2013 RT Road and Track several months ago. Coming from the muscle car era and not having anything to show for it, decided to purchase my wife and I a new age one. Our vehicle is fully loaded accept for the radar speed control. This baby is black on black and is a true head turner. The Road and Track package gives the car a stiffer ride but for us old dragsters it is not bad. Hands down this is the most beautiful sporty road car inside and out and boy does she fly! Not bad on gas either:}

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Dodge Has Been Busy!

randallscott, 05/29/2014
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During the last 20 years or so Dodge has definitely been busy designing and building cars that exude visceral appeal! The 2014 Charger SXT is just such a car! It's rated at 300 hp with an 8 spd tranny that is rated to deliver 31 mpg hwy. On a short test loop I recorded an average of 35 mph with little more effort than avoiding hard throttle application, and managing my approach to stop lights - I would say Dodge's numbers are accurate for those who actually drive to conserve fuel. The Charge is a full-size, 4-door...spacious interior, very well laid-out instrument panel with large 8.4" touch screen display, Garmin Nav system...pretty much all the bells and whistles.

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R/T fun

sebastienp, 01/03/2013
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Lots of fun to drive with the R/T plus. Good balance of handling and comfort for those who commute and don't want to race this beast. Acceleration is awesome and fun, although its so quick you need to take it on a race track to really see what that Hemi can do. Long commutes getting 23 mpg, long freeway trips 25 mpg. Cruising in this car is a delight, quiet and cozy seats, good sound (no beats upgrade) and loud enough. Rear visibility is poor, but with the rear view camera backing up is easy. Blind spot is huge, but with the side mirror proximity sensors light, you get that warning that somebody is in your blind spot. My opinion is that that these two technologies are important.

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Great Ride, Highly Recommended

rickdad, 08/07/2013
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I have a 2013 SXT Plus AWD Charger V6 with 8 speed auto transmission with the bells and whistles. Great Ride! Pluses: 35 mpg on the highway due to Econo Mode where 2 cylinders shut down on road trips. Very stable in turns, it is a heavy car, just over 2 tons. Very nice and smooth acceleration, interior very comfortable. It has many amenities that much more expensive vehicles have. Love the styling. AWD works great. Minuses, really minor. The head room with the sun roof is barely enough for me at 6'2". Rear headroom is low. Trunk is roomy, but trunk entrance is not. Need funnel to add fuel additives or else spill occurs out wheel well (surprise!). Overall best car I ever drove!

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