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Too Many Problems

derek704, 02/26/2011
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Bought the car used with 37,000mi on it CarMax 7 yrs ago. 2 years after purchase, we had a random transmission leak. Cost around $1500 to fix. 3 years ago the A/C suddenly stopped working in the middle of the summer. Spent many hours and over $300 getting the A/C fixed, and it just went out again today. Few years ago we smelled gas every time we got in, spent $200 to find out there was a gas leak above the tank?? And last summer the battery light came on and I was told the alternator was going bad. Spent $250 part and labor. 4 mos. ago dash gauges keep going dead w/ ABS light on and batt light. Replaced alt again $175. Now the 3rd one is bad w/ dead dash guages again, still cant fig. it out.

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Great Sebring for me and two teenagers

socalangels, 08/14/2009
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My 1999 Sebring jxi convertible was bought by me in 2000. I bought it used.It was a rental car for its first 17000 miles. I put 90,000 more miles on it and gave it to my daughter who put 20000 miles on it and now my 17 yr old son is driving it. Since my daughter now lives in Utah, my son and I picked it up from her in Salt Lake City and drove it back to Orange County California. It was 111 degrees as we drove through Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert. The air conditioning worked so well my son had to put a sweatshirt on in the car since I like it cold. We got 34 miles per gallon on the trip back! The car has been extremely dependable with no repairs other than routine maintenance!

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Really Great. Sebring Haters are Crazy

shrambo, 01/23/2010
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I got the car last year. It's my first car, and so far it's been great. It is 11 years old and still runs great. It gives you the illusion of a sports car and has decent performance. I raced a Jeep Grand Cherokee and smoked it. It's a little long (that's what she said) but I guess thats good because that means it's safer. My Sebring was in excellent condition until my stepdad backed into it and a ran into a minivan (two different accidents). But even through all that it runs fine. However, the passenger door is now jammed shut from the minivan.. The trunk doesnt stay up. The keys can be taken out while the engine's running. not sure if thats normal..

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Fun to drive, but a hassle to maintain!

nikki73188, 05/17/2011
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Bought this car used back in 08, and I loved it! It worked fine till about '09 when the A/C and Heat only would work on high, which was a pain in the winter. Tyrods have had to be replaced twice, motor mounts twice, and now the struts need to be replaced as well. Countless engine leaks, and too many electrical problems to count. The car leaks A LOT, and the mpg was great up until about last year. It's been a money pit the past few years and I cannot wait to get rid of it! As much as I love the convertible style, it's simply not worth it anymore! It spends more time in the shop than on the road, and even my mechanic is getting weary of working on it! I'll miss it, but my wallet sure won't!

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Sebring convertible

Herman, 11/06/2003
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A very fun car to drive. I have a new Caddi and a Tundra PU and when I go most anywhere the convertible is my choice of transportation. The only problem experienced is the heater blower fan needing repair.

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