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It's been a great car.

Gary, 03/31/2016
LS 2dr Coupe (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought my Cobalt with 100,000 miles on it, so I was expecting it to need some work at sometime or another, and maybe have a leak here or there, but it simply hasn't been the case. I change my own oil and always do a look around underneath the car to check for issues, and I almost always come up empty handed. I now have 157,000 miles on the car, and all I've had to change are the brakes, tires, and a couple control arm bushings. The reliability has been phenomenal. About the only gripe I have is that the interior is very basic and cheap looking Update: now at 200,000+ miles. Still on the original clutch, and still haven’t had to touch the engine other than regular maintenance and a thermostat. Update: 220,000 miles and car was rear ended on the highway. Hit was hard enough to put most of the trunk in the passenger compartment. Car kept me very safe, had only minor bruises from the seatbelt. Great car, I would’ve easily kept racking on the miles had this not happened.

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Rollover and walk away

mike, 12/10/2008
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We bought this car for my 18 year old daughter for her high school graduation. She loved it and we loved the cost. Last Sunday she had an accident on the highway in which she hit some black ice. Smashed into a wall. And than the car rolled over landing on the roof. She was wearing her seatbelt. Thank God. Without a scratch she gets out of the car. Calls me first and than called 911. I arrived before the emergency services and she was sittinbg on the side of the road with out a scratch on her. Needless to say that after the insurance pays off I will be getting her another Cobalt. This car did a great job in protecting my kid and it will do the same for yours, buy American. All in all I cant thank Chevy caring enough and not cheaping out on the safety aspect of this little economy car

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awesome when it starts

goin2bluoval, 08/10/2011
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My 2008 cobalt sport sedan looks great...I get 37 to 52 mpg inst...this car has a ignition problem that GM ignores. Summer days are worse for this car, you can turn the key constantly, over an over or leave it until the steering column cools off, then it will start...thus, this is not a family car. Its only for going staight to work and back. Do not buy a cobalt. Auto trans.

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Love it

sgemrald5, 05/16/2010
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I have never owned an american made car before this one. I love this thing! it rides great, so quiet, has given me up to the 50's in mpg on highway. displays everything on a screen that i would ever want to know. I got it with 32,000 miles on it and haven't had any problems. It's a breeze. Fun to drive, reliable, great on gas. highly suggest it for the commuting college student or worker, its great.

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I'm back (2 years later)

cragman1, 05/19/2010
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Third review from me on my '08 Cobalt base LS w/automatic. Most owners probably either sell or trade 2 yr old cars nowadays. Which is my reason for a 3rd review. Since buying this in Jan of '08, we've seen Toyota go through their inevitable fall from grace, and Honda's numbers are down as well - no doubt due to lack of interest from generation X, Y, or is it Z by now? Either way, once we have all small cars starting to look like Scions or Mazdas, I'd swear it's starting to look like a science fiction movie version of The Stepford Wives - only done in a small car theme! ;~0 . Anyway, I still have my '08 white Cobalt with nifty round red taillights and it still purrs along nicely!

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