What Features Will Be on the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq - and What Won't

What Features Will Be on the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq - and What Won't

Our best guess on what features will be on the production model

  • The renderings and videos are realistic but don't fully represent reality.
  • Many interior features are likely to make production.
  • Some exterior features are likely wishful thinking.

We've seen some pretty detailed computer-generated renderings of the upcoming 2023 Cadillac Lyric. It has also starred in a few videos, perhaps most famously the General Motors ad in which Will Ferrell "drives" one to Norway.

But with the exception of a few manufacturer-provided photos of a camouflage test vehicle, Cadillac has not shown us the Lyriq in its final road-going form. While the Lyriq is still a ways off from production — expect it to debut in the second half of 2022 — we're taking a closer look at the initial images and videos to try to determine what may, and may not, make the final production version of Cadillac's hotly anticipated EV.

What's likely to make production

We have no reason to doubt the Lyriq's powertrain components will make production. A company like Cadillac is unlikely to play fast and loose with performance claims (unlike other electric car companies), and the Lyriq's 100-kWh battery pack and 300 miles of estimated range seem absolutely doable.

Major exterior styling cues, including the bold face of the Lyriq, the low roofline and angular taillights, will surely make production. Inside, that futuristic 33-inch digital display can be seen in the Escalade, so we know that's a sure thing. The button-heavy steering wheel doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities either. Neither do the seats, which have been revised from earlier renderings that were in no way going to make production. In general, we think most of the interior is going to make the showroom floor.

What's probably not going to make it

If you've watched any of the promotional videos on the Lyriq, you no doubt witnessed the elaborate choreography of the front and rear lighting. This isn't new, but the complexity of the display seems a bit too over-the-top for a production car. And we can't imagine the repair bill should that front grille get damaged in an accident.

We're also not sure about the ride height or the optional 22-inch wheels featured in the images. Recent spy photos show the Lyriq being tested on 20-inch wheels that look quite a bit smaller. Maybe it will get an air-spring suspension in the future. An air suspension allows for an adjustable ride height, and that could help give the Lyriq a sportier stance.

Edmunds says

The initial renderings and videos of Cadillac Lyriq show an undoubtedly handsome luxury EV. And while it's easy to get excited about everything you see, it's important to remember that the final production version will be different. We've got our fingers crossed that most of those cool details will make it through, but we'll believe it when we see it.

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