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An Even Faster 911 GT3? Manthey Racing Has the Answer

If you don't know what Manthey is, just know it's another word for "fast"

  • Is your GT3 just not fast enough?
  • Don't worry, there's now a Manthey Racing performance kit for it.
  • All you need is an extra $60,000 and the burning desire to one-up your other GT3-owning friends.

Manthey Racing is probably the coolest tuning firm you've never heard of, but it's been functioning as Porsche's left arm after the automaker took a majority stake in Manthey in 2013. But Manthey doesn't just go racing, it also fettles Porsche's GT cars, and Porsche is now offering a Manthey performance kit for the 992-generation GT3 to American buyers for the first time. The performance kit adds no extra power, but the chassis and aero upgrades will make a big difference to the most hardcore track rats.

Since you've probably never heard of them, here's a rundown: Manthey won its class at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring seven times between 2006 and 2021, and it took home first place in the GTE Pro class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2022. Clearly Manthey knows what it's doing when it comes to racing, and what it's learned from the crucible of motorsport has been translated to the new GT3 performance package. A Manthey Performance Kit-equipped GT3 was able to lap the famed Nürburging Nordschleife in 6 minutes and 55.73 seconds, or 4.19 seconds faster than the standard GT3.

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The upgrades with the Manthey Performance Kit include major aero tweaks, the most obvious of which is a new and much larger carbon-fiber rear wing that features a gurney flap and the front canards (or dive planes) that are attached to the outer edges of the front bumper. There's also a deeper front splitter that, in combination with some reworked underbody aero strakes, increases downforce at the front axle. The rear diffuser has been deepened to help it better charge the air passing underneath the car, and carbon-fiber aero discs sit atop the rear wheels to help improve aerodynamic efficiency (i.e., reduce the turbulence of the air that passes off the wheels for cleaner flow and less drag).

But the aero work isn't all you get in the new Manthey GT3. There are new dampers that feature four-way adjustability at all four corners. Spring rates are up 10% up front and 7% at the rear to make the car corner more flatly, too. Braided steel brake lines are standard with the kit as well, but owners who want the full Manthey experience can spec racing brake pads and lightweight wheels that reduce unsprung mass by 16 pounds. The cost for all this hardcore track-ready excellence is a whopping $57,300 for both the kit and its installation. The lightweight wheels add another $15,500. If you're interested in making your already fast GT3 really fast, you'll have to inquire through a Manthey-certified Porsche dealer.

Porsche 911 GT3 Manthey Racing front 3/4

Edmunds says

If time is money to you, then this kit might just be worth all that extra coin.