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A dog hangs out in the driver's seat with Rivian Pet Comfort mode activated.

Rivian Releases Pet Comfort Mode for R1T, R1S

Rivian's pet-friendly feature keeps your furry friend safe and comfortable

  • Rivian has released an over-the-air update called Pet Comfort. It's available for both new and existing Rivian owners.
  • Pet Comfort lets an R1S or R1T owner set a comfortable cabin temp for pets left briefly unattended in either of these two electric-powered trucks.
  • A display on the infotainment screen notifies passersby that the pet is "safe and comfortable," along with a readout of the climate setting.

Start clapping those paws because Rivian wants to make certain your four-legged friends are safe and comfortable this summer. The electric pickup and SUV manufacturer has just launched an over-the-air software update that adds a feature called Pet Comfort.

It allows an owner of either an R1S or R1T pickup to set a temperature setting of between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit should they need to leave a pet briefly unattended in either vehicle. The program is accessed, fittingly enough, by touching a paw-shaped icon in the vehicle's climate control settings.

Rivian Pet Comfort mode with two Corgis in the front seats

In order to be activated, the Rivian EV must have at least 50 miles of remaining range. And if for some reason a silly human forgets to input an exact temperature, the system defaults to 72 degrees. Pet Comfort can also be used in cold weather to keep the cabin warm and cozy.

Better still, anyone walking past the vehicle will know simply by peeking in the window that whatever manner of creature might be lurking inside has not been forgotten. A display on the 15.6-inch infotainment screen broadcasts a message stating, "My pet is safe and comfy," along with the vehicle's set temperature in extra-large numerals.

This friendly message is relayed by Rivian's Gear Guard, a yellow-hued cartoon character who sports a headband and looks something like a mashup of a smiling Sasquatch and a hairy Cheeto.

Rivian Pet Comfort drive mode with a Yorkie in front seat

A Rivian owner can monitor Pet Comfort via a mobile phone app. Warning messages will be automatically relayed should the cabin temp get too hot, if the vehicle battery is running critically low, or if the system somehow turns off.

In a nod to good pet ownership practices, in its press release, Rivian says a mode such as Pet Comfort has been "one of the most customer-requested features." The California-based automaker also made a point to mention that, as the name not so subtly suggests, Pet Comfort is designed only for pets and children should never be left unattended in a vehicle.

Edmunds says

Pets are part of the family and Rivian knows it's important to keep them comfortable during those (brief) times when left unattended in a vehicle during hot or cold weather. As for all the dog or cat fur left throughout the cabin, well, this remains a problem that mobile apps and software updates have yet to solve.