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Redesigned Porsche Panamera Brings New PDK Gearbox, Hybrid Trims

Look for an expanded lineup of hybrid powertrains

Redesigned Porsche Panamera front
  • The new Panamera will have a total of four hybrid trim levels.
  • It will debut a new version of Porsche's PDK automatic transmission.
  • The next Panamera E-Hybrid models will feature more powerful electric motors.

Porsche will debut the next Panamera on November 24 at the Icons of Porsche Festival in Dubai. Not only will the redesigned Porsche Panamera sport all-new sheetmetal, but under the skin, the sedan will be more hybridized than ever. Porsche says it will introduce another hybrid powertrain to the lineup for the new gen, bringing the number of differentiated electrified engines to four.

These will also be the first models to feature the next version of Porsche’s new PDK automatic gearbox. In E-Hybrid models, a more powerful electric motor will be fitted into the PDK’s bell housing, drawing power from a 25.9-kWh battery — quite a bit larger than the 17.9-kWh unit currently in the Panamera E-Hybrid. The onboard charger is also upgraded, now able to charge at a rate of 11 kW compared to the previous max of 7.2 kW. No real details have been given on gas powertrains yet, save for the fact they’ll meet Euro 7 emissions regulations.

The base Panamera also features a new two-valve shock absorber that should improve ride quality and handling, while optional adaptive dampers will offer further adjustment. We’ll have to wait for the full debut for more.

Edmunds says

The new Panamera is the most electrified version of Porsche's sedan yet, and we’re betting it’ll also be the most powerful. 

Redesigned Porsche Panamera rear