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Ram's First EV Is a ProMaster Van to Rival Ford

Ram might be working on an electric pickup, but this is its first true EV

Ram ProMaster EV front
  • Ram's first EV is a van with 162 miles of electric range.
  • While it has better range than electric vans from Ford, payload capacity leaves something to be desired.
  • Vans are excellent candidates for electrification because they often make short trips through urban areas.

Ram’s first production electric vehicle isn’t the 1500 Rev that it previewed last year. Instead, the first electric Ram to market is the ProMaster EV (electric van, not vehicle), a utility vehicle that takes on the Ford E-Transit in the commercial work van space.

The ProMaster EV launches in a delivery-oriented version with a 159-inch wheelbase with a super-high roof. A cargo version will be available a little later, and eventually, the lineup will offer two cargo floor lengths and roof heights. Powering the big truck is a 110-kWh battery netting up to 162 miles in city driving.

That might not seem like a terrific distance, but the ProMaster EV delivery van can travel much farther than a similarly specced E-Transit cargo van. (Ford doesn't offer a specific model oriented toward delivery customers.) But the reality is that these vans aren't going to be used to drive long distances, and it's the capabilities that are truly important. Unfortunately, the cargo and delivery models have payload capacities of up to 3,020 pounds and 2,030 pounds, respectively, which are much less than a comparable gas-powered ProMaster and less than the E-Transit.

Power is comparable to the E-Transit, however. The 110-kWh battery pack is paired to a motor at the front axle that produces 268 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque. And Ram has Ford beat in the fast-charging department, as the ProMaster EV can charge at rates up to 150 kW. The E-Transit is slower with a max charging rate of 115 kW. 

The latest ProMaster EV features loads of customization options and standard features to fit buyers' needs. Every ProMaster EV comes with a 10.1-inch center screen with Alexa voice assistance, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and last-mile navigation, which provides walking directions from the vehicle to your destination. The infotainment unit will also show nearby charging options and predict range during navigation. Other options and features include an available heated windshield and steering wheel, a rear roll-up door and more. Ram hasn’t announced pricing yet, but expect it to be competitive with a long-wheelbase, high-roof Ford E-Transit, which starts at $57,890.

The ProMaster EV is expected to arrive in 2025.

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Edmunds says

Electrifying the ProMaster is an excellent start for Ram's EV efforts. Vans often make short trips and are strong alternatives to trucks for businesses looking to haul cargo and tools around town. While it's not as ultimately capable as the Ford E-Transit, the ProMaster EV offers a lot more range and cargo room.

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