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MCXtrema Launched as Maserati’s Most Powerful Track-Only Superstar

The ultra-exclusive and pricey racer is said to hit speeds of 202 mph

Maserati MCXtrema front three-quarters
  • Maserati debuted the 730-horsepower track-only MCXtrema at Monterey Car Week.
  • Only 62 will be produced and come with a seven-figure price tag.
  • Extreme aero upgrades and a full roll cage ensure high levels of performance and safety.

Underneath the watchful eyes of automotive connoisseurs and the elite at 2023 Monterey Car Week, Maserati revealed its most powerful track-only supercar yet, the MCXtrema. Echoing the prowess of the Maserati MC12 and based on (and sharing some components with) the road-friendly MC20, the MCXtrema ups the ante with a 730-horsepower version of the MC20's Nettuno 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. A prototype of the race car, which is said to hit speeds of 202 mph, will hit the track in January 2024.

However, there is a virtually nonexistent chance that you will get your hands on one of these seven-figure beauties. Maserati is keeping this model extra-exclusive, as they are "dedicated to a selected, highly discerning clientele." Only 62 are planned for production and all are already sold.

Designed with “the first of its kind” in mind

Maserati MCXtrema wheel detail

The concept behind Maserati’s newest car is the idea of “unleashing a true racing beast." Created in collaboration between Maserati's styling and engineering teams, the MCXtrema was designed entirely on a computer in about eight weeks and used 3D printing in place of traditional clay modeling techniques to visualize some components.

One of the primary goals in creating a track vehicle of any kind is to keep extraneous mass to a minimum. To that end, the MCXtrema employs a carbon-fiber monocoque, composite body panels and polycarbonate windshield and windows. The MCXtrema's numerous aero upgrades compared to the MC20 include a completely flat underfloor, a sizable splitter up front, a full-width wing at the rear, and even a Le Mans-style fin connecting the wing and roof-mounted air intake.

Not much on the inside … as intended

Maserati MCXtrema interior

While we weren’t able to see inside the MCXtrema ourselves, we know is that minimalism is key. The cockpit design is totally stripped and we are told it will “guarantee the quickest and easiest access to everything inside that facilitates driving on the track and high performance.” 

That said, adding a passenger seat is an option.

The controls are on two futuristic-looking consoles that flank the driver. There is a racing-style yoke that replaces a steering wheel, as well as a full roll cage, a safety hatch on the roof, a fire extinguisher and a six-point harness that lashes the driver to a fixed bucket.

Edmunds says

We're not sure if the majority of owners will actually race these track-only supercars or if the high price tag and limited-production status guarantee they'll be relegated to car collections. Whatever the result, we're happy to have seen one in the metal.