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The Lincoln Model L100 Concept Is an Sleek Autonomous Stunner

Think iRobot, but more luxury

Lincoln Model L100 Concept
  • Lincoln has debuted the L100 concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.
  • It's a gorgeous-looking autonomous concept that sets the tone for Lincoln's future.

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance always sees the debut of concept cars that herald the future of a brand, and this year Lincoln is taking center stage with its Model L100 concept. It's been built to celebrate the marque's 100th anniversary, but it's also a preview of what the brand has in store for its future.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept

The concept pays homage to Lincoln's first luxury vehicle, the 1922 Model L. It's a long, low and wide concept that looks like a more futuristic take on the streamliner designs of the 1930s. It was the first time automakers had considered aerodynamics when building cars, and with the advent of electric vehicles it's more important than ever. Though the name might share something with the past, the concept itself is all future. It's essentially a showcase for design that shares Lincoln's vision for what its cars might look like in the years ahead. Its sleek silhouette and soft curves are a far cry from the large and bulbous SUVs in the brand's current lineup.

Lincoln says the L100 uses next-generation battery cell and pack technologies. The result, it says, is game-changing energy density that also allows for better packaging to maximize cabin space. Lincoln was pretty vague when it described how it would get to these solutions, but concepts aren't always grounded in reality. But the L100 isn't worried about the here and now — it's looking forward.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept

As a completely autonomous concept, the L100 lacks all of the addenda you'd expect in a typical car. You won't find a steering wheel or pedals. Instead, the concept is controlled by what Lincoln calls a center console "chessboard" with a jeweled controller. The seating area can be changed around in a way that allows front passengers to face ones in the rear, creating a space that's less of a car and more of a lounge. All of these elements combine with a digitized floor, ambient lighting, and fresh scents to create what Lincoln calls "the sanctuary of tomorrow."

Lincoln Model L100 Concept

Edmunds says

We sure hope Lincolns of the future look a lot like this concept.