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An Even Larger Jeep Wagoneer Is on the Way

An Even Larger Jeep Wagoneer Is on the Way

Long-wheelbase variant will make Jeep fully competitive with rival SUVs

  • Recently released spy photos show a long-wheelbase Jeep Wagoneer variant.
  • It appears Jeep will finally have a rival for the Ford Expedition Max and Chevy Suburban.

The recently released 2022 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are both full-size three-row SUVs based on the Ram 1500 truck platform, but there's a size beyond full-size that these Jeeps can't currently match. To date, the Wagoneer siblings haven't been available in a long-wheelbase version, although their rivals are — think Chevy Suburban (long-wheelbase) versus Tahoe (standard), or Cadillac Escalade versus Escalade ESV.

But new images taken by spy photographers show a disguised Wagoneer variant that has different cutlines for the rear doors, along with more rear overhang than the standard Wagoneer. Could it be? Yep, we're pretty sure. An extra-large Wagoneer appears to be on its way. 

What is a long wheelbase, and why should I care?

Compared to a standard model, a long-wheelbase variant simply means there's a greater length between the front and rear wheels. In a big SUV like the Wagoneer, that could translate to extra legroom in the third row, additional cargo capacity in the very back, or both. We don't feel that the Wagoneer really needs a lot more legroom — in Edmunds' testing, we've found that the third row is plenty comfortable for adults, and cargo capacity is generous too.

But families who want to maximize both passenger and cargo space can easily pick up extended-wheelbase versions of rival SUVs. And now, with the upcoming LWB Wagoneer, Jeep shoppers can too.

Edmunds says

An even larger version of the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer should provide even more room for third-row passengers, cargo or both. Most people will do just fine with the regular-wheelbase versions of these vehicles, but for those who need the most space an SUV can provide, the stretched Wagoneers will be another noteworthy option to consider.