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How We'd Spec It: 2024 Lexus GX

The best trim combines off-road effectiveness with desirable luxury features

2024 Lexus GX configuration front
  • We think the Overtrail is the best trim in the Lexus GX lineup.
  • Lexus offers tons of ARB accessories for maximum off-road effectiveness.
  • Our build comes out to just under $70,000 with options.

Lexus has officially priced the 2024 GX and launched the SUV's online configurator, which clues us in to the myriad options and extras that buyers can spec. So, that’s exactly what we did, building a theoretical Lexus GX that we think is the best of everything this nameplate has historically offered: a ton of off-road capability with just the right dash of luxury thrown in. As such, our pick of the trim-level litter is the adventure-themed Overtrail model, so long as it can be kept under $70,000. The Overtrail offers a solid set of off-road goodies like Crawl Control with Turn Assist, 33-inch all-terrain tires and more, and it doesn't go bonkers on the pricey luxury features baked into the Overtrail+ trim.

From there, we elected to go with Nori Green Pearl paint, a no-cost pigment that is arguably the best color available on any Lexus. A split-tone black roof is available for an extra $350. Only two choices of interior spec are offered: black or a cream-colored synthetic leather, both with dark wood accents and olive suede. Black seems the more sensible choice for an SUV build meant for off-road use.

From there, we checked the box for the sunroof delete option, which saves $1,100. Opting for a solid roof frees some budget for customization with our hypothetical $70K budget. We added Traffic Jam Assist ($840), which automatically steers, stops and accelerates in traffic. Also on our build sheet were ARB’s 12-volt air compressor ($412) and digital tire inflator ($70). All told, the Lexus GX seen here costs $69,822 with delivery, and in our opinion, represents the best of the lineup, the upcoming hybrid model notwithstanding.

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2024 Lexus GX configuration rear

Edmunds says

The Lexus GX is more off-road-ready than ever, and our build is too, especially with the portable air compressor and digital gauge.