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Ford to Pause Customer Orders of 2022 Maverick

Ford plans to keep the hold in place until summer

  • If you want a custom-order 2022 Ford Maverick, the time is now.
  • Though customer orders will be paused, Ford plans to deliver dealer orders.

In December, Ford announced it would halt all customer orders of the 2022 Maverick pickup truck with the standard hybrid powerplant, citing overwhelming customer demand. Now, just one month later, the automaker is hitting the pause button on customer orders for all versions of the Maverick until the summer. If you want to custom order a 2022 Ford Maverick you have until Thursday to get an order in.

Wait, what's happening?

Several Detroit-based newspapers reported on the announcement Monday, breaking the news that Ford is pausing customer orders for the 2022 Maverick. The pause will remain in effect until summertime, when the automaker will commence taking customer orders for the 2023 Ford Maverick. When Ford launched a pickup truck with a starting price near $20,000 and a standard hybrid powertrain rated at 42 mpg in the city, it knew it had a winning combination. It received 100,000 reservations for the hybrid by August. But having to pause orders in December shows that even Ford was caught off guard by the demand for its hybrid pickup.

Now, production constraints have come for the gas-only version too. In a letter emailed to dealers, the Detroit Free Press reported, the automaker announced the news and noted it was “an effort to avoid potential customer disappointment related to potential delivery delay.” Ford will cut off orders for the 2022 Maverick at the close of business on Thursday, January 27.

Is there any good news? Yes!

If youre hoping to still get your hands on a 2022 Ford Maverick, note that this is just the close of customer orders. Dealers are still able to place orders and receive allocations from the automaker, meaning its still possible for trucks to make it to dealer lots. How long theyll remain on a lot once delivered is a question that's harder to answer.

Edmunds says

Get 'em while theyre hot! The window for custom-ordered Mavericks is closing — fast.

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