Ford F-150 Is the Edmunds Top Rated Truck, Again

Ford F-150 Is the Edmunds Top Rated Truck, Again

Ford maintains its lead over rivals, including the redesigned Tundra

What's the best truck on the road? Probably the one that meets more of your needs than any other. No truck is perfect, but the Ford F-150 comes the closest. It's the Edmunds Top Rated Truck for 2022.

The F-150 is available with a plethora of engines, ranging from a simple V6 up to a turbodiesel, and there's even a hybrid. This breadth of options means that you can pick the right version for your needs without much difficulty. Then there's the fact that it can be had in standard-cab, extended-cab and crew-cab configurations. For simplicity, some rivals only offer crew-cab versions of their trucks these days, so we appreciate the variety offered by Ford.

The F-150's class-leading tow ratings don't hurt either, ranging up to 14,000 pounds when properly equipped. Then there's the Pro Power Onboard system that allows owners to charge or power tools and appliances from the bed of the truck. You can go as high as 7.2 kW on the top PowerBoost trim, which is enough to power a house. Combine all of that with off-road-ready trims such as the Tremor and the Raptor and you've got an all-around star that can't be beat. Not last year, at least — and not this year either.

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Several new trucks came on the scene this year, including the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford's own compact truck, the Maverick. The Toyota Tundra was also completely redesigned with lots of impressive new details. We tested all of them and came away convinced: The F-150 is still the one to beat. To see all of this year's winners, head over to the Edmunds Top Rated 2022 awards.

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