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U-Drags: Ford F-150 Raptor R vs. Rivian R1T — No Surprises Here

We think we know how this is going to go...

Edmunds U-Drags: Rivian R1T vs. Ford F-150 Raptor R
  • We pitch the Ford Raptor R and the Rivian R1T head-to-head.
  • We're racing on cement here, and we think you know exactly what that means.
  • Even if the race's outcome is predictable, you should watch just how much of a handful the Ford is.

We think you know how this Edmunds U-Drags showdown is going to go. Two big, heavy trucks line up on a drag strip. One, the Ford F-150 Raptor R, is rocking a 700-horsepower supercharged V8, but it doesn't matter. It's on off-road-ready tires, has long-travel suspension more apt for Baja than concrete, and weighs about as much as half the moon. Its challenger, the Rivian R1T, weighs about as much as the other half of the moon ... but.

And it's a big but, too. The Rivian has even more power — 835 hp in total — from electric motors that give instant punch, a much lower center of gravity, and an air suspension it can hunker down on to get as aerodynamic as possible. Even if it is on all-terrain tires, the outcome of this race is all but predestined to be exactly what you think it will be.

That said, there's a certain hilarity to watching the Raptor R handle itself on the pavement. It's a total handful, and we suggest you watch the video just for the laughs.

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Edmunds says

Maybe the race would be different if we ran it off-road, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the fun.