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The F-150 Switchgear Is What a Lightning Raptor Could Look Like

A Lightning Raptor was a no-brainer, and the Switchgear concept proves it

F-150 Lightning Switchgear
  • The Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear is a Raptorized take on the electric truck, and then some.
  • Ford built a Lightning with custom suspension, huge 37-inch tires and more.
  • A street version is also in the works, complete with lower ride height and aggressive looks.

Ford’s new Switchgear concept combines Raptor-like upgrades with an F-150 Lightning and then some. What we have here is heavily inspired by the popular Raptor sub-brand. That includes big tires, bigger fenders, and tons of off-road upgrades that effectively make this an unofficial Lightning Raptor.

The larger tires measure a huge 37 inches in diameter and are wrapped around a set of 18-inch wheels. They’re also the reason for the much larger fenders seen beneath the custom livery, and Ford says it also installed Fox shocks and a custom suspension setup to complement the new tires. The result is a 13.5-inch bump in ground clearance and a massive 80-inch track, which is a full 6 inches wider than a 2023 F-150 Raptor R. Contributing to the added clearance are new front and rear fascias that help increase approach and departure angles, as well as new custom rock rails and a hefty steel skid plate for added protection.

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F-150 Lightning Switchgear

The Switchgear concept also features a street configuration, and it's more or less the exact opposite of its off-road spec. New carbon composite bumpers and rocker panels replace the rock rails, skid plates, and high-waisted off-road facias, and the off-road tires are ditched for a set of 20-inch wheels with street-focused tires. Other changes to the street version include a tonneau cover and a significant drop in ride height. In this configuration, the Lightning Switchgear sits a full 7 inches lower in front and 5 inches lower in back. Changes to the interior are nowhere near as expansive, but nonetheless include a set of Recaro bucket seats, custom harnesses and a massive handbrake.

The two configurations have one thing in common, however — they share a drivetrain that is ripped right from the stock F-150 Lightning. As a result, the Switchgear makes 580 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque from a dual-motor setup paired to the same 131-kWh battery found in the extended-range Lightning. Ford, however, won’t be selling the Switchgear to the public. According to CEO Jim Farley, the concept was just "to generate digital content and just have fun." As for the street version, Ford says more information (and hopefully images) will be coming later.

F-150 Lightning Switchgear interior

Edmunds says

We’re excited to see what the street version of the Switchgear is like, and it’s a shame Ford won’t be selling the Lightning Switchgear concept. A more off-road-focused F-150 Lightning sounds appealing, but with Lightning demand what it is, holding off (for now) makes sense.