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2024 Honda Prologue First Look: Honda's First Mass-Market U.S. EV Has Arrived

The Prologue isn't all Honda; there's a GM platform underneath

2024 Honda Prologue front
  • Built on GM's Ultium platform
  • About 300 miles of range for single motor models
  • Longer wheelbase than the Odyssey minivan makes for a larger interior than competitors

Honda fans, your long watch is over: A Honda electric vehicle (the Fit EV doesn't really count) is finally on its way. The 2024 Prologue finally breaks the long-range EV seal for Honda, but purists should know that isn't a solo effort from the Japanese automaker. Underpinning the Prologue is GM's BEV3 platform and Ultium batteries, which makes this more of a duet. That's the same flexible platform that many of GM's electric vehicles ride on, from the Cadillac Lyriq to the forthcoming Chevrolet Blazer EV. If this sounds familiar, it's because Acura is doing the same thing with its upcoming ZDX electric SUV as well.

Am I Ready for an EV?

EV ownership works best if you can charge (240V) at home or at work This typically means a 240V home installation, but you could also have a similar setup at your office or other places your car is already parked for several hours each day. Don't expect a regular household outlet (120V) to suffice unless you've got a plug-in hybrid, in which case overnight charging at home is feasible.
If you can’t charge at home, charging at a charging station could take at least 10x longer than at a gas station With public charging infrastructure still in its infancy, the user experience can be maddeningly inconsistent. Tesla owners tend to rave about the reliability and speed of the company's proprietary Supercharger stations, but rival DC fast options have thus far been plagued by technical issues and overcrowding. It's an evolving landscape and our best advice is to do your research on the available options for the EV you want to buy.
Adding a 240V home charging system could cost up to $1,000 or more If your existing electrical service can handle the additional demands of EV charging, you may be able to add Level 2 charging at home for less than a grand, including installation. But your costs will multiply if you need to upgrade your electrical panel or add a dedicated circuit.

Honda tells us that while the parts might be shared underneath, the so-called "top hat" above it is unique. That means the body, styling and interior are all designed by Honda. Except for the physical screens on the dashboard — as those are shared with some Chevrolet products — the software is all Honda.

The Prologue is set to do battle in the heart of the electric SUV segment against established mainstays like the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y.

What about the Prologue's power and range?

The Prologue will be offered in single- and dual-motor configurations. The former is front-wheel-drive and the dual-motor setup provides all-wheel-drive traction.

While Honda hasn't disclosed power outputs for the single-motor version, the automaker is estimating around 300 miles of range. The Prologue's entry and middle trims (EX and Touring) will come standard with the single motor, with the dual-motor setup optional. The line-topping Elite trim will come with the AWD setup standard and is projected to produce 288 horsepower and 333 lb-ft of torque, but we don't know its range targets just yet. The AWD variant still generates less power than the single-motor versions of the ZDX, so there's potential for the single-motor models to feel a bit sluggish. But we won't know for sure until we get behind the wheel.

All Prologues come with an 85-kWh battery pack and fast-charging capability up to 155 kW. That's lower than the Blazer EV's (the Prologue's closest relative) 190-kW charging rate, but all but the newest and quickest DC public chargers top out around 150 kW.

2024 Honda Prologue back seat

How's the Prologue's interior?

The Prologue has a very long wheelbase; at 121.8 inches it's over 3 inches longer than the wheelbase that underpins the Odyssey (which is famously a minivan and not a compact electric SUV). Having those wheels shoved out to the very edges of the vehicle, as you can with an EV, means cabin space is expansive. Honda didn't provide interior dimensions for legroom but both rows have a lot of space, even for taller passengers. The Prologue's overall length (192 inches) makes it about 10 inches longer than Ioniq 5, and 5 inches longer than Model Y.

Cargo room is 25.2 cubic feet behind the back seat, and with the 60/40-split bench folded down, storage space expands to 57.7 cubic feet. A power tailgate comes standard on Touring and Elite models.

How's the Prologue's tech?

The model we saw was a preproduction version, so the screens weren't working, but we were able to confirm some important details. All three models will come with a pair of screens up front, an 11-inch screen in the instrument cluster and an 11.3-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system.

Every Prologue will come with Honda's latest infotainment software, which we first saw in the top-spec version of the 2023 Honda Accord. We're thankful for that because it's a big step above the multimedia experience in other Hondas, which feels like something out of the mid-2010s. It features Google built-in, meaning that, along with improved voice commands, you also get Google Maps and access to the Google Play store to download apps. Elite models will also feature a head-up display.

The Honda Sensing suite of safety technologies will also come standard, with features like a blind-spot warning system, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. The Prologue will debut a few other safety features that are a first for Honda: rear cross-traffic braking, blind-spot steering assist and rear pedestrian alert. But unlike the ZDX, it won't get an adapted version of GM's hands-free Super Cruise driving system. Rats.

Edmunds says

The Prologue's starting price in the high $40,000s makes it more expensive than its competitors, but it is larger and offers more interior room as well. We'll have to wait to get behind the wheel to render final judgment on whether Honda and GM made sweet music together.

2024 Honda Prologue rear