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Dodge Durango May Go Wagoneer-Sized and Be Replaced by Stealth 3-Row SUV

Dodge will reportedly reshuffle SUV lineup to add Durango's 3-row replacement, the Stealth

2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat front three-quarter
  • A report says the Dodge Stealth will be a three-row SUV replacing the aging Durango.
  • A new Durango will reportedly be introduced and grow to the size of the Jeep Wagoneer.
  • Like its retro namesake, the Stealth SUV will likely get turbocharged six-cylinder power.

Dodge is right in the middle of big changes to its lineup. The Hornet is the first (lightly) electrified model in its history, the V8 halo cars are gone, and now its SUVs will be getting the shakeup. Reports out of MotorTrend indicate that the Dodge Durango will be replaced by a new model with an old name. It'll reportedly be called the Dodge Stealth, but it won't be a funky, pseudo-futuristic two-door sports car.

The new nameplate won’t mean the death of the Dodge Durango, however. Instead, the Durango will scooch up a bit to match the Jeep Wagoneer in size and will sit on its body-on-frame platform, the report says. The Stealth, then, will functionally be what the Durango is today —  a three-row SUV that's built on a unibody platform (that is to say, there isn't a truck platform underneath).

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Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat rear 3/4

That wasn’t always what the Stealth was. Back in the 1990s, the name was used for Dodge’s sport coupe, built in collaboration with Mitsubishi. The equivalent Mitsubishi was the cult-classic 3000GT, a sports car that has enjoyed a more favorable reputation than the Dodge as the years have worn on.

MT speculates that the Stealth will join the Jeep Grand Cherokee L on Stellantis’ WL Platform. It could also find a home on the STLA Large platform, which was built for EVs and some hybrids. Speaking of, it’s very likely the Stealth will be a hybrid, not a full-on EV. In all likelihood, Dodge will use its turbocharged Hurricane engine with a dash of hybridization to power the Stealth. Pricing has reportedly already been solidified, with the upcoming Dodge Stealth starting around $40,000.

original 2001 Dodge Stealth front 1/3

Edmunds says

Dodge is making the right move by broadening its SUV lineup. Without the V8-powered Challenger and Charger to entice buyers to the brand, Dodge will have to learn fast. Making big SUVs is always a solid place to start in 2023.