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Chevy Blazer EV

Chevrolet Releases First Image of Blazer EV SS Ahead of July 18 Debut

Chevy's first midsize electric SUV is a looker

  • The all-new 2024 Chevy Blazer EV debuts on July 18.
  • Blazer EV has a much more expressive design than the Equinox EV.
  • Expect a higher price tag for the performance-focused SS model shown here.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra set Twitter ablaze Monday when she announced that Chevrolet's all-new 2024 Blazer EV SS will debut on July 18, along with an image of the upcoming electric SUV.

What we know so far

Not much, to be honest, as the company hasn't revealed a lot in the way of specs or pricing since the Blazer EV was first mentioned in January.

However, we do know it goes on sale next spring and will be the first electric vehicle to use Chevy's SS performance moniker. The SS, or Super Sport, badge has been used to denote the spicy version of Chevrolets past. We're pretty sure the Blazer EV SS will likely top the Blazer EV trim structure, with more sedate models available for a lower price.

The 2024 Blazer EV is just one of 30 all-electric models that GM plans to sell globally by 2025. It will use GM's Ultium battery pack and will likely offer single- and dual-motor powertrains. The Blazer EV should go on sale next year at roughly the same time as the related Equinox EV.

Expect a design you'll want

Based on the teaser photo and what we know about the fuel-based Blazer, the midsize SUV will likely debut with sleek, Camaro-like styling. The SS badge is visible on the front grille and it appears to have large tires wrapped around wheels with six bifurcated spokes. It also has a motorized charging flap.

Unlike the Blazer EV's more futuristic design, its smaller crossover counterpart, the Equinox EV, won't stray far from its successful formula. That vehicle will be a more traditional five-passenger SUV with an interior that shares cues with the upcoming Silverado EV. And the Equinox EV's price point is likely to be more affordable too, starting at around $30,000.

Edmunds says

The new Blazer EV is going up against some stiff competition in a very hot EV market. But the specs Chevrolet releases in July might make shoppers hit the pause button until the Blazer hits dealer lots next year.