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Airstream and Studio F.A. Porsche Collab on a Stunning New Camper

A little something special for this year's South by Southwest festival

Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche camper concept
  • Airstream and Studio F.A. Porsche have collaborated on a camper.
  • Yes, that Porsche.
  • It's a new take on a fan favorite, and we only hope Airstream builds it one day.

If you know cars, you probably also know Airstream. The iconic travel trailer brand has been making its hallmark silver-bullet style campers for nearly a century. So how do you keep a old yet storied brand from falling into complacency? You call up Studio F.A. Porsche — at least, that's the route Airstream went. The result is Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer that's debuting at this year's South by Southwest festival, and while not entirely unfamiliar on the outside, it might preview a new direction for Airstream.

Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche camper concept

The concept is just that, a concept. Airstream doesn't have plans to build it right now but said something like this could make its way into production in the future. It's an impressively modern take on an old American theme. This is a compact travel trailer that's built to be towed by your Cayenne or Macan (those aren't the only cars that can tow this concept around, but we're sure Porsche would prefer it that way), and it’s the first trailer Airstream has called "garageable" in decades.

It's really quite tidy, and was conceived to have better aerodynamic characteristics than current Airstreams on sale. Some of the changes to make the concept slipperier through the air include its pop-up roof area, suspension that's lowerable, fewer rooftop protrusions (like antennae), and a smaller frontal area than current Airstreams have. According to Airstream, the project met its aerodynamic goals, and evaluations of 3D models by an independent third party showed Porsche's design to be more efficient through the air than a current Airstream 28RB travel trailer as well as an Airstream Basecamp 20X.

Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche camper concept

Take a look at the concept and you'll notice something that isn't there — Airstream's iconic rivets. Though both Porsche and Airstream have history with the purposeful fastener, the company gave Studio F.A. Porsche a great degree of freedom to work with in terms of the final design. When Porsche said no rivets, Airstream responded that's fine, and other adhesives were used instead. This cleans up the exterior design, though it keeps much of what makes it recognizable as an Airstream product.

The innovation continues to the interior area, too. This camper isn't like other Airstream models currently on sale. There's a rear seating area that can be used as a dinette, a workspace or a chill space. That same seating area can also be converted into a sleeping area measuring 82 inches by 61 inches. The seats can also recline and help you relax while you gaze through the split-folding rear hatch. All in all, it looks pretty darn cool — and something more than a few Airstream fans will want the company to green-light and build. Time will tell if this Porsche-designed camper comes to life, though.

Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche camper concept

Edmunds says

Even though this isn't strictly a car, we're still mighty intrigued.