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The 2025 Lotus Emeya Is a 905-Horsepower Taycan Pulverizer

Rockets you and your loved ones to 60 mph in under 2.8 seconds

2025 Lotus Emeya front
  • Lotus details its second electric vehicle — the 2025 Emeya sedan.
  • Dual motors produce more than 900 hp, good for a 0-60 mph dash under 2.8 seconds.
  • Borrows the interior design from the Eletre SUV.
  • Launches the first Emeya generation for 2025.
2025 Lotus Emeya rear

Even though U.S. deliveries of its Eletre SUV are still yet to commence, Lotus is already setting its sights on the future of its electric portfolio. The next vehicle in the release calendar is the 2025 Lotus Emeya, a four-door grand tourer that will serve as the British marque's flagship electric car. Lotus founder Colin Chapman might have voted the production of a big, brawny sedan (we don't know how heavy the Emeya is yet, but its 102-kWh battery pack surely isn't a featherweight), but even he couldn't argue with its performance — the Emeya is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.8 seconds.

Let's dig in.

2025 Lotus Emeya spoiler

What's under the Emeya's hood?

The Emeya is the first sedan that Lotus has ever built itself — the Carlton from the '80s was a Lotus-tuned Opel — and that, plus its positioning at the top of the Lotus food chain, means that the Emeya has to debut with eye-popping stats to head off the skeptics. And we think that mission is accomplished.

Dual motors produce an estimated 905 horsepower and 726 lb-ft of torque combined, with the rear motor utilizing a two-speed transmission à la the Porsche Taycan. The thrust can rocket the Emeya from 0 to 62 mph in 2.78 seconds, says Lotus, up to a top speed of 159 mph. Keeping the Emeya stable at high speeds is an active, two-tier rear spoiler that can generate more than 450 pounds of downforce, alongside an active rear diffuser, an active air dam and an active grille. What's with all the activity? The Emeya's computer can control these elements to maximize range, maximize handling ability or maximize cooling depending on the situation (and, presumably, drive mode).

A high-voltage electrical backbone will enable the Emeya to charge at 350 kW — essentially the quickest rates allowed by the newest DC fast-charging stations. Lotus says the Emeya can add as much as 93 miles of range in five minutes, though charging rates can vary greatly based on station status and the vehicle's state of charge. In a best case scenario, the Emeya can also recharge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes. As for the Emeya's actual range … Lotus isn't saying just yet, but it should be comparable to the Eletre. That vehicle doesn't have an EPA-estimated range figure just yet, but we believe it'll be around 300 miles.

2025 Lotus Emeya interior

How's the Emeya's interior?

The Emeya's cabin looks to be broadly similar to that of the Eletre, with the front space dominated by a horizontally oriented touchscreen display. There's also a narrow driver information display right behind the wheel and an augmented reality head-up display so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. And don't get too excited about the screens at the base of the front pillar — while the Emeya will have digital cameras in place of exterior mirrors in other markets, the U.S. will receive standard mirrors.

A high-end luxury EV wouldn't be complete without recycled materials, and the Emeya doesn't disappoint. Lotus says the seat upholstery will make use of a new thread made from discarded cotton scraps sourced from the fashion industry, and has the added benefit of being lighter than leather (how about that, Colin?). Lest you think that the eco-warriors have come for your Lotus, however, the Emeya also offers cow hide, Alcantara and other materials.

On the tech front, the Emeya will feature the typical assortment of advanced driving aids like lane departure warning and blind-spot warning. Active noise cancellation, an adaptive air suspension and a premium audio system by KEF are a far cry from the "amenities" offered by past vehicles like the Lotus Elise but are in line with what buyers expect from a six-figure luxury EV.

2025 Lotus Emeya touchscreen

Edmunds says

Lotus takes aim at the Porsche Taycan with the new Emeya flagship electric sedan. We'll see these two titans of performance clash after the Emeya enters production next year.