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Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray leaked online image

The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Configurator Leaked

But we didn't really learn that much ...

  • The Corvette E-Ray configurator accidentally leaked the car's looks.
  • Surprise, surprise ... it looks a lot like the Z06.
  • We also know when we can expect it to show up.

We've known that Chevrolet was planning a hybridizedall-wheel-drive version of the Corvette for some time. We also had a pretty good idea what it was going to be called — the E-Ray. But that doesn't stop the internet and the Corvette fans who live on it from scouring for more information. Recently, they stumbled upon the configurator for the new E-Ray.

Thanks to the ardent Corvette fans on, we now know a lot like what the new E-Ray will look like. It might not come as much of a surprise, but it closely mirrors the current Z06 in looks. The body doesn't appear to be quite as low, but the extra width, new side intake design, and the new front bumper all appear to mirror the Z06. The rear, though, looks like a mix of the C8 and the Z06, with two sets of dual exhaust tips on either side of the rear, but with the wider vents of the Z06.

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray leaked render

This strategy from Chevrolet closely hews to what the company did with the C7 Corvette. The base Stingray was announced, followed by a more aggressive Z06. The Grand Sport that came after the Z06 looked nearly identical to the Z06. It appears the same formula has been followed for the C8.

As for things like price and power outputs, unfortunately we'll have to wait a little longer. The exhaust pipes do lead us to believe that the E-Ray will maintain the Stingray's 6.2-liter LT2 V8 and its output of 490 horsepower. The electric motor up front will likely add somewhere in the neighborhood of 115 to 130 horsepower, leading to a total output of well over 600 hp. We also learned when we can expect the new E-Ray to come out. The disclaimer at the bottom of the configurator reveals that it will be available in the summer of next year. We also can see that the E-Ray will come as a 2024 model-year vehicle.

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Edmunds says

This leak might not be what Chevrolet wanted, but it certainly has us more excited for the eventual E-Ray Corvette.