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2023 Genesis G90

2023 Genesis G90 Is a Stunning New Sedan

Winning hearts and minds — even at six digits

  • Sleeker exterior look and seriously plush interior
  • Extensive upgrades to infotainment, comfort and tech
  • Quiet, supple ride with optional air suspension
  • High-end versions cross the six-figure mark
  • Launches the second G90 generation for 2023

What is the Genesis G90?

2023 Genesis G90

Ready for a shocker? The top-level 2023 Genesis G90 costs $100,000 and feels worth the price tag. You tell us which is more surprising.

This G90 is fully redesigned, with a spacious cabin and loads of eye-popping features to steal attention from the likes of the Lexus LS, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The first-generation G90 model — which replaced the similarly intentioned Hyundai Equus — ran from 2017 to 2022, and with this totally redesigned model, Genesis has clear intentions to shock and awe.

The 2023 G90 sports a new look on the outside, led by a sleek hood and slimmed-down double headlight strips that accentuate the vehicle's length. The interior features a soft, swooping design language inspired by the brand's Korean heritage. The result is a striking and refreshingly unique luxury sedan that's ready to compete with our top-ranked picks from Europe and Japan.

How does the G90 drive?

2023 Genesis G90

All G90 models come with a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine. The base model produces 375 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque, representing a modest bump in each compared to the previous turbo 3.3-liter. Drivers looking for a bit more thrust can choose the upper trim level. Referred to as the 3.5T e-SC engine, it adds a 48-volt mild hybrid system, which powers an electric supercharger for extra power. Output for the e-SC engine stands at 409 hp and 405 lb-ft.

We drove the electrically supercharged variant and found it a delight on long roads. The G90 is built for cruising and feels at home settling into highway speeds to deliver a plush ride. Set the car to Comfort mode, sink into the well-appointed driver's seat, and let the car do the work. The powertrain is the definition of buttery — the V6 puts out plenty of torque through all four wheels, and the eight-speed automatic transmission is scarcely noticeable as it shifts through the gears.

The G90 is serene enough to rival Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz — there's little doubt about that after our short test on straight Florida roads. But it's more easily upset in corners. The steering is lazy, and there is prevalent body roll. You can feel the air suspension working overtime just to keep its natural leaning and tossing in line.

But there's more to like than dislike about the G90. Models with the electrified powertrain come with rear-wheel steering, which turns opposite the front wheels at low speed to enable a sharper turning radius and turns in tandem with the front wheels at highway speed for greater stability. The battery in these versions is charged through regenerative braking, and while this can create sudden stops in similar sedans when you hit the brakes, that isn't the case in the G90. Everything feels silky smooth. That doesn't make for a thrilling drive through high-speed corners, but it hits Genesis' target in the fight against more established luxury marques.

How comfortable is the G90?

The 2023 G90 is extremely comfortable in every sense of the word, especially on our mild hybrid tester, which came standard with air suspension on all four wheels. On the road, this suspension soaks up nearly all bumps and cracks, making the driver and passengers nearly impervious to any disturbance that comes their way. All G90s use cameras to read the road ahead and prepare the dampers for impact. This system makes the G90 especially adept at cushioning the ride before it encounters bumps, as well as rebounding afterward to provide a leveling sensation that won't disturb your cold-pressed juice in the cupholder.

How's the G90's interior?

2023 Genesis G90

The G90's top-notch cabin is among the most dazzling in the class. Very little plastic can be found at all — we even think there's less plastic in the G90 than in recent Mercedes and BMW sedans we've driven. The seats are coated in rich leather, the door panel inserts are wood or forged carbon fiber, and the headliner and ceiling are microsuede. There is plenty of adjustability in the driver's seat and steering wheel to find a comfortable position, and the rear passenger seat reclines almost fully with an extending leg rest cushion too. Riders under 6 feet tall may stretch their legs out completely, provided the front passenger seat is folded forward. (Occupants over 6 feet will run out of room.)

Genesis has eschewed interior door handles inside the G90, opting instead for buttons that automatically close all four doors, with a "soft-close" feature to ensure an airtight fit without slamming them shut. High-level stuff. All seats are available with heating, ventilation and massage. Compared to Mercedes' swirling and rotating massagers, the Genesis version only presses, but it's still a pleasure with your choice of three levels of firmness. Sound-deadening materials and active noise cancellation technology ensure a nearly silent ride, as wind and road noise is impressively kept outside. The cabin's overall look isn't too dissimilar from that of the GV80, but the G90's materials and build quality are a notch above.

How's the G90's tech?

2023 Genesis G90

Digital instrumentation and a widescreen infotainment display dominate the upper half of the dashboard, but Genesis wisely retains a handful of physical controls for commonly accessed functions. The new Mood Curator suite tailors multiple features — including air fragrances, ambient cabin lighting, and the high-end 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system — to create different moods for the cabin. Remote parking, the ability to use your smartphone as a key and over-the-air updates are all impressive features — however, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, puzzlingly, require a USB connection and are not wireless.

Genesis' rotating dials for both the drive selector and the touchscreen controller have returned, to mixed results. In our review of the GV80 SUV we called the screen dial "somewhat clunky," and that holds true in the G90 as well. Choosing when to swipe, rotate, shift or press the dial can be confusing, though at least it helps keep your eyes on the road instead of poking at a touchscreen. And if we're being picky — this is nearly a $100,000 car, after all — the rear seat controls don't make much sense: The screen is difficult to unlock, the up and down selectors change radio stations in the opposite direction, and the buttons control the front touchscreen. What happens when, for example, the driver needs the front screen for navigation and the rear passengers start messing with the radio? That front screen switches from a map to a radio display — not the best solution when you're navigating a tricky cloverleaf. It's a smart idea that, in practice, needs work. One feature that better hits its mark is a sterilizing UV light in the rear center console that kills 99.9% of germs on your phone, or any other small objects placed inside the console, in 10 minutes.

How economical is the G90?

The standard 2023 G90 gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg combined (18 city/26 highway) while mild hybrid models are rated at 20 mpg combined (17 city/24 highway). That aligns with our short drive of highway and city streets in a mild hybrid G90, which returned almost 22 mpg according to the digital readout. It's also encouraging that the mild hybrid system is powered through braking, so drivers will generate their own electricity for later use — both to power the supercharger and to shut down the engine for brief periods when stopped at a light. We'll have to bring in a G90 for testing to get a more accurate, extensive fuel economy reading.

Edmunds says

Is the world ready for a $100,000 Genesis? The company thinks so, and the 2023 G90 is a startling upmarket move into the world of ultra-luxe sedans. There is a lot here that impresses, on top of the basics that luxury buyers expect at the price point. The G90 marks a new level of refinement and palatial treatment for the fledgling brand.

2023 Genesis G90