The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo: The Sweet Spot

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo: The Sweet Spot

The Taycan gains a GTS variant and a new body style. Is the GTS the Taycan to have?

  • New(ish) Sport Turismo body style is subtly different from the Cross Turismo
  • New GTS variant for the Taycan sedan
  • Power output straddles the line between 4S and Turbo models

The Taycan is, quite literally, the Porsche of the EV world. It's a sultry-looking sedan made to compete with the Tesla Model S, and it comes with all the dynamic prowess we'd expect from something with the Porsche crest emblazoned on the hood. That said, it isn't perfect. We don't love the cramped back seats of the sedan, though the wagon versions of the Taycan do remedy that to some extent thanks to extra headroom.

It's also a little short on range compared to the Tesla, especially if you shell out for the apex predator Turbo S model with 750 horsepower on tap. That's why we usually recommend going for the midtier Taycan 4S model. It's got enough power to satisfy most anyone, and the thrust doesn't come at the expense of significantly reduced range. However, for 2022 there's a new variant of the Taycan that serves as an even more perfect middle ground: the GTS.

What is the Taycan GTS?

If you're familiar with Porsche, you'll know the GTS moniker. Standing for Gran Turismo Sport, the GTS has always been the middle ground between the standard and S models and the lights-out craziness of the Turbo and GT models. Until now, the GTS badge has been applied to every modern Porsche except the Taycan. But the Taycan GTS sedan isn't the only addition for 2022.

A new wagon variant called the Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is also joining the Taycan lineup. Don't confuse this with the Cross Turismo, which has already come to the States in 4, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S guises. Thanks to the unique (read: silly) way Porsche names its wagons, it's easy to mix the two up.

The main things you should know about the new Sport Turismo is that exterior and interior dimensions are shared with the Cross Turismo wagon, but the Sport doesn't have the plastic body cladding, off-road ability or lifted right height the Cross does. Both Turismo models do feature the same amount of rear storage space, with 15.7 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the back seats. Got all that? Yeah, we have a hard time keeping it straight too.

Both GTS models also benefit from a smattering of sporty kit that would normally be optional on lesser Taycans. Porsche says every performance feature included has been altered to make the GTS' driving experience unique. While these features cost extra on lesser models, the GTS digs into the Porsche parts bin to include Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus and the Sport Chrono package as standard equipment. The front brakes are a little larger than they are on the 4S, with disc size growing from 14.2 to 15.4 inches, while the rear brakes remain the same size at 14.1 inches.

Cosmetically, the GTS models benefit from the SportDesign front fascia and side skirts, black-painted exterior trim and GTS-specific 20-inch wheels.

How much power does the Taycan GTS make?

The Taycan GTS comes with the same two-motor layout as other all-wheel-drive Taycans, with one motor on the front axle and one on the rear. Together they produce as much as 590 horsepower, slotting the GTS right between the 4S' 562 hp and the Turbo's 670 hp. The GTS pulls from the same 93.4-kWh battery pack as the Turbo model, so expect to see range estimates slightly north of 200 miles when the Taycan is rated by the EPA.

Porsche claims that both the GTS sedan and the Sport Turismo will rocket from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Thanks to its 800-volt architecture, it is able to charge from 5% to 80% full in just over 22 minutes, as long as you're sucking electrons from a 270-kW charger.

What's the GTS like inside?

If you've sat inside a Taycan, you'll know it's a proper tech tour de force as well as an athletic EV sedan. The touchpad in the center console operates most of the Taycan's primary functions, and though the buttons aren't physical, they do offer haptic feedback for a little extra accuracy. The infotainment screen that's nestled neatly in the dash is controlled by touch only — no buttons or knobs to help get you around here.

By default, the cabin of the Taycan GTS is a bit darker and sportier than the interiors of other models. It's clad in leather and Race-Tex — Porsche's name for its faux suede material — and there are GTS badges throughout to remind you you're not in a run-of-the-mill Taycan. The seats are more heavily bolstered than those in normal Taycans, too, and are adjustable up to 18 different ways.

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While a GTS is exciting in and of itself, the addition of the Sport Turismo to the Taycan lineup gives it an even more impressive breadth of customization missing from other EVs.

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