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2022 Volkswagen Golf R Consumer Reviews

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3 out of 5 stars

Germans common sense lost, trouble coming?

trai an, 05/26/2022
4dr Hatchback AWD (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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Good car but user experience destroyed by touch/swipe/wave controls. Touch screen, full one second latency mixed with rigid suspension means fifty-fifty chance of changing temp, air flow, media source or playlist etc on first try. And likely even then involving at least ten seconds of distraction from driving itself... Other half the time your finger lands just so that you touch something else (add time to get menu back) or en route your hand waved by another sensor, so by time finger reached screen it meets another menu, not one you wanted. Then the wheel, omg, purified disgrace of engineering and design. Holding both hands on in standard position but riding hard can make either right thumb base touch the wheel-heating touch-button (doesn't toggle on/off, have to cycle through four settings, same with seat heating, btw), or left thumb base touch and trigger driving mode change. So now you are out of your drive setting. And the fake/virtual display changed with that (different looks asigned to different driving modes). Like a teen on meth playing DJ for their fix. Graphic touch-based user interface with layered menus for a fast and hard driving mechanical construct where user is in unstable position. That's what held me back from buying electric, all those i tried had the plasma screen in the middle and touch GUI, did not see it coming that decent German engineering would give me same on 300hp stick driven hot hatch. Other functions acceptable but few hiccups present, not expected in price range: engine hood rubber dampener flying out of position every fifty miles or so; wireless phone charger overheats so much that the phone dies and base of stick shifter heats up; mirror not turning down on reverse though setting "on"; system not flagging low tire pressure repeatedly and on all wheels (as low as 29 psi from recommended 45). Manual shifter took about a thousand miles to flow and not stick, at five thousand miles now almost as good as best ones I've used.

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