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  • 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage ES in Black
    56,880 miles
    Dealer:  (0)
    4.2 mi away
    Stock# 282620780


    Est. Loan: $206/mo - Memphis / Tennessee

    Located 4 miles away from Memphis, TN

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage ES with USB Inputs, Rear Bench Seats, Stability Control, Fold Flat Rear Seats, Alarm.
    Engine: 3-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    39 Combined MPG (37 City/43 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE in Black
    34,018 miles
    Dealer:  (0)
    5.2 mi away
    Stock# 273033387

    Not Listed

    Gossett Kia - Memphis / Tennessee

    Located 5 miles away from Memphis, TN

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE with USB Inputs, Bluetooth.
    Engine: 3-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    40 Combined MPG (37 City/44 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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Perfect for those who just wanna get there CHEAP!
I LOVE this car. I have had it for ten months and have put nearly 25k miles on it, so I now feel as though I am in a position to comment on it here. I bought the Mirage mostly for the same reason people bought VW Beetles back in the '60s or Chevy Chevettes in the '70s. Not for performance or handling, not for comfort or style. But for economy. The comparison of the Mirage to the original Beetle or the Chevette is not an unwarranted one. Adjusted for inflation, the Mirage, the Beetle, and the Chevette cost about the same amount. In 1970, the Bug was about $2000; in 1976 the Chevette was near $2,800...both of which would be right around $12,000 today. Though I don't think the VW or the Chevy came with automatic climate control and power windows as standard fact, they weren't even OPTIONS! The average transaction amount for a new car nowadays is somewhere north of $35,000, so if a person is spending less than half of that they can expect to leave a few things "on the table". This is not a fault with the car, but rather just COMMON SENSE! Is the car a bit noisy? Yes. Does it handle well? Not really. Does it accelerate like a rocketship? Nope. Many other reviewers lament these facts (unfairly), but the Mirage simply isn't designed for any of that. Though the one thing it IS designed for it does very well. It is cheap to buy, cheap to insure, and VERY, VERY cheap to run. Most critics of the Mirage simply expect too much for the car's incredibly low price point. My 5-speed ES model was a shade over $14,000. Could I have bought a 37k-mile 2011 Corolla with that money? Sure. But I wanted a new car with a warranty and without a previous owner's cigarette burns and dog smell on the seats. And I didn't want the Corolla's 30-ish mpg, either. Over the 25k miles I have driven, I have averaged about 48 mpg...that is not an exaggeration! Driven correctly, these cars are almost unbelievably thrifty. Creature comforts are in line with a 21st century car...even an economy car. Fog lights, passive "F.A.S.T. key" ignition, nice stereo, Bluetooth, alloy wheels, automatic climate control, power everything, etc, etc. I have had ZERO problems with the Mirage, and all it has needed is oil changes. Not everyone wants or needs the classic "A-to-B" car anymore, and there are those among us who feel that we, as a species, should have evolved well beyond such humble cars by now. But for those of us that DO still just want to get there without having a $600-a-month car payment, I really can't recommend the Mirage highly enough. As an economy car in a bad economy, it truly has no equal. ***Original poster here. Just an update on the Mirage. It has been outstanding! The car has needed nothing but oil changes, a set of front brake pads, and a set of tires over the 35,000 miles I have driven it. Still averaging around 48 mpg.*** ***Original poster again. Another update on my 2015 Mirage, which I have now owned for almost two years. I just rolled over 50,000 miles, and the car is as solid and trouble-free as the day I bought it. No repairs of any kind have been needed, just oil changes. Still averaging right around 48 mpg. Would I buy it again? YOU BET!*** ***Original poster. Nearing 80,000 miles over my three years of ownership, and the Mirage continues to impress. Still getting around 48 mpg, and all the car has ever needed is brake pads, tires, oil changes, and bulbs. If you want inexpensive, simple, reliable, and I did...the Mirage is a great bet. I would buy another one in a heartbeat, and that really is the best compliment any driver can give a car. ***Original poster. Just under 100,000 miles now, and the mileage has dropped off a bit. Used to be 45 to 55 mpg (averaging 48), now 40 to 50 mpg (averaging 44). I am not surprised by this at all as it is simply due to mileage and normal wear (plus larger, non-LRR tires). Mileage may improve a bit after I do the 100k mile service on the car. Engine now consumes a small amount of oil between changes. I wore out the driver's seat and had to replace it. The Mirage has been absurdly reliable, and still has only required 'consumables'. No leaks, no squeaks, no smoke, no rattles, no problems. Not even so much as a "check engine" light. Starts EVERY time. This vehicle has redefined automotive reliability for me! I fully expect to get another 100,000 miles out of it.
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