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Consumers Review the Mitsubishi Mirage

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2014 Mirage ES CVT - Gets better with age!
Mirage ES w/ CVT automatic, and Navigation. Excellent car, 62975 miles to date. Fuel economy- I average 44 to 52 MPG summer, 38 to 44 winter, mixed city / highway driving. In summer I've gotten over 60 MPG on longer trips at a steady 55 MPH, 72 MPG at steady 45 NPH. When new, MPG improves gradually as the car gets more miles on it, until 40K then stays the about the same. Ride, handling, and braking also improve gradually with use; German cars I've owned were like that. Great in snow, even without switching to winter tires. 6" is deepest snow driven in so far. On glare ice the electronic traction controls are impressive. Maintenance / Repairs - in 3 years I've had to replace one headlight bulb ($9.00). Though not necessary, I also changed fluid in the CVT transmission, installed iridium tip spark plugs, and added a K&N air filter element (clean/re-use type). In sub-zero degree weather the car cranked slowly so the 3rd year in fall I replaced the battery with a more powerful one (500 CCA). Replaced front brake rotors and pads at 62K miles, did myself, quick and easy, parts were $145.00 from NAPA Auto Parts. Other than that, just wash, wax, vacuum the interior, rotate & balance tires, change oil & filter every 10K miles. Seats are very comfy even on long trips (e.g Madison WI, to St. Loius, MO and back, in one day) though at 50K miles I noticed padding on drivers seat cushion is less supportive than it had been. In general the interior is comfortable, and well laid out, Controls are sensibly located, intuitive, and I'm 5' 10" and 160 lb. yet it is easy for me to enter / exit the car, has plenty of headroom, shoulder room, and legroom. Seat base is height adjustable, very helpful. Great for parallel parking - small, short turning radius, and it has a backup camera. The tires show moderate wear at 63K miles and seem to have better traction than when new. I highly recommend this car, new or used, and you can get a nice used one at a great price if you shop online. That is because resale value isn't great, which may change as word gets around that these are great little cars, but until that that happens I'd say don't buy a new one if you don't plan to keep it for at least 5 years.
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