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2012 Tundra 4.6 double cab P2440 code / expense

catndahats, 04/07/2019
Tundra 4dr Double Cab SB (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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Great truck up until last week. All the good things about Toyota Tundras are true---great ride, pulling power, large dealer base nationwide. This "weak link" however can endanger you and your family, and is a very expensive repair. This is my 4th Toyota since 2002 and 2nd Tundra, and I consider myself a Toyota fan. My complaint is both towards the vehicle, the dealership base, and Toyota corporation. Purchased this 2012 as a CPO from the dealership in 1/2016 with 35k miles. I have always believed it was a good company and product. Felt good knowing it was covered by Toyota's Certified Pre-Owned Warranty and had passed an intensive inspection prior to sale. Buyer beware. Secondary Air Pump Failure: At exactly 72,000 miles, the check engine / trac off lights came on and the truck went into limp mode. Just know that this well documented defect in Toyota Tundras still continues. Toyota claims the problem was corrected with the 2010 models, but acknowledges there are plenty of dissatisfied customers posting all over the internet. I've talked to 2 dealers, and many emails and phone calls to Toyota corporate regarding the defect and seeking assistance. They know the defect is common in all Tundras, and will tell you the defect with the AIP continues, but will not help. All dead ends. The Toyota corporation absolutely refuses to assist the customer even though we have the extended 7yr/100,000 mile power train warranty. Buyer beware, not if, but WHEN the repair WILL come, and it will cost you out of pocket anywhere from $2,000 - $4000. If you buy a 2010 Tundra or later, budget for this repair. I expect this defect will have a negative effect on your resale or trade value when you try to get rid of the vehicle. It is a safety issue. The symptoms: Code: P2440 -- The truck now has exactly 72,000 miles, and has gone into "Limp" mode with the Check Engine / Trac Off lights flashing. Limp mode means no acceleration, no ability to drive uphill. Even though they extended the warranty on this weak link in the vehicles built between 2007 - 2010, they do not acknowledge there is a manufacturing defect in later models. Extremely dangerous as the vehicle becomes sluggish and will not drive uphill or accelerate. UPDATE 10-8-20: Since this first AIP breakdown, had the tundra repaired out of pocket. Subsequently made the repair again after 6 months, very expensive twice. I still consider it a safety issue. Now our tundra has 83k miles. We went to our local dealer and their solution was to sell me a new Tundra. We were offered a favorable trade for a new tundra, but declined since I did not want a car payment for another 5 yrs. This year Toyota eliminated the 4.6 motor as an option, so who knows if the defect is fixed. I'm keeping mine and will just budget for additional repairs. Otherwise the 2012 Tundra is a jewel. It rides great on long trips, and overall has held up very well, gets great gas mileage (18-20mpg) and sometimes better on the highway. Update 4/21: Still driving the tundra. Paid for, still rides good, looks further repairs. Toyota still has not addressed the defect on post 2010 models, and has eliminated the 4.6 motor. Still gets 18-21mpg so we are going to keep on driving it.

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2012 Tundra defective air valves causing limp mode

CJ, 03/25/2020
Tundra 4dr Double Cab 4WD SB (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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I purchased a truck from Germain Toyota, a 2012 Tundra (4.6L). I recently brought the truck back to this dealership when the check engine light came on, and it began losing acceleration while driving it. The truck received a diagnosis from them for $130. It was diagnosed with a p2440 code. Germain said it can be fixed for a repair cost of $2800-$3000. They said air injection valve bank was stuck, has debris and possible water intrusion. Toyota said the truck can go into limp mode as a result which causes the truck to not shift correctly and loss of acceleration. This nearly caused an accident. I was changing a lane in heavy traffic and suddenly there was no acceleration. It seemed like the truck wasn't shifting into gears correctly. First I thought the transmission was failing. Toyota issued a recall on the 2007-2010 Tundras and Tacomas due to the defective air valves/air pumps, extending the mileage on these years to 10yr/150k. Then extended same in 2011 but stopped there. The valves and pumps are made out of some cheap alloy, causing them to corrode easily and the system allows water to get into them. The repair parts offered for the repair apparently are made of the same metal so replacing then will probably only get you more time before they go bad again. The truck has under 100k miles on it. I've always taken great care of the truck and have taken it into a Toyota dealer for all scheduled maintenance dates. Germain Toyota said it was out of warranty by about 5 months. Germain Toyota was helpless to do anything other than repair it for the insane repair cost. They didn't know why the warranty/recall was not extended to the 2012. Seems there are alot of other 2012 tundra owners with this problem as well so I'm not alone. Toyota should own up to their defective parts and Germain Toyota should have some solutions other than offering to reinstall defective parts for a lot of money. I doubt I will buy another vehicle from Toyota again.

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Tundra can Tow

deejay8, 08/02/2012
Tundra 4dr CrewMax SB (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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We got our Tundra from Cowboy Toyota. Billy Goss and James Smith provided excellent service. We previously owned a Nissan Frontier. There is no comparison between the towing performance of the Tundra compared to the Frontier. We just returned from our trip to New Mexico. The only "problem" was that we kept forgetting we were towing the camper. The 4.6L engine worked great. I'm glad we didn't get the bigger engine because it was not needed.

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So Far So Good

thebigv21, 02/25/2013
Tundra 4dr Double Cab 4WD SB (5.7L 8cyl 6A)
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Truck now has 11K miles. Had first synthetic oil change at 10K. Averaging 15.2 mpg in combined driving. Truck runs great and has similar MPG as tacomas I have owned in the past. The horsepower and torque on this truck is something else. I see negative reviews on here and I can't understand why. The performance is what impresses me the most. I am 6'4" and have plenty of room. Kids can sit in the back without any problem whatsoever. This is a real truck, not meant for anyone who wants a car..

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Almost Perfect

buzzkiller, 07/31/2012
Limited 4dr Double Cab 4WD SB (5.7L 8cyl 6A)
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I have had a 4X4, 17" wheel for six-months now. One must understand Toyota's list of options doesn't mean that they're really available. Toyota installs options based on info they received from previous year's customers. They also put the premium options only on the most expensive model. (Moonroof, full-size opening rear window are on Quad only.) There was only one Tundra with the options I wanted on the West Coast and it came with options I didn't want. Gas mileage is 14.6 to 14.7. Doesn't matter if I'm on the flat interstate, a Sierra dirt road, or city streets. I am 55 and keep vehicles for twenty years. With that in mind, my biggest regret is the crappy interior materials - I get to watch what is now crappy get even worse as time goes on. Other than that, and the freeway beatings, I love the truck and look forward to using it to its fullest towing a rolling mansion when I retire.

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