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Toyota trucks can't be beat

Uncle Dan, 07/31/2005
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I sold my beloved '88 Toyota extended cab truck to buy this one. That was the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned and I hope the Tacoma holds up as well. After 11,000 miles, no problems at all. This is a well designed and laid out small truck. I purchased it through Edmunds internet referral service and it was simple. I entered the options I wanted and the next day I got a call from North Hollywood Toyota. They had the exact vehicle I wanted in stock and quoted a price that was 10% under sticker. I may have saved more with a lot of calls, but it wasn't worth it. I told em I'd be out to pick it up and I was in and out of the dealer in less than an hour. Simple.

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I trust this truck to get me wherever, whenever

Indy, 12/22/2017
4dr Double Cab V6 4WD SB (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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Let me start by saying the people who say these trucks are unreliable or have left them stranded, I don't believe them. This is coming from someone who has one with 230,000 miles on the clock, that's been beat senseless off-road and driven long hard miles on road. Never once has it had an issue. Not once! Just basic maintenance and care. To me this includes the replacement of things that get worn out after 200k miles off-road. Like wheel bearings, tie rods, shocks etc. Which I have had to do, but like I said I've never had an unexpected break down or issue. This truck has been %100 reliable. I also see a lot of people complaining about ride comfort which I admit is not great, but what you have to understand is Toyota build a vehicle to get you there, not pamper you. That's why Lexus was born. It's not meant to be a luxury sedan. It's a truck, grow up. The Tacoma is meant to give you the confidence to go anywhere you want to go because it can and will make it there. Doesn't get the best mpg, the interior quality is just a bit below average and it could use a bit more power if you ask me, but non of that means anything to me in the grand scheme of things because properly maintained I would trust this truck to get me around the world... a few times.

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Very Dependable!

Hunter, 01/07/2010
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This is a great truck! I chose to buy the smaller Tacoma with the 2.4 4-cyl for better gas mileage. I calculate my mpg at every fill-up and consistently get 22-23 mpg. This includes 50%hwy/50% city driving. I am pretty easy on the pedal so that makes a difference. The auto trans is a little sluggish in city driving. It is geared pretty low so it can pull what it's rated for. I just wish it had a little more "get- up." Extended cab was not made for people. It is best for storing tools or groceries. I hate that I have to sell it but with a growing family it doesn't have enough room. This truck has really held its value!!

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A little truck that gets job done

DXL, 06/28/2004
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The cab is a too small for big people. Feel tired driving long distances since the seat is not comfortable, especially if without a speed control. Small engine offers good fuel economy, but the trade off is poor accelloration. Most of my driving is on freeway. It achieves 31 mpg if I remove the tailgate and drive @70mph. 60mph gives 35mpg with no load. In town driving gives 33mpg (this is just for me because I normally drive at above 45mph for 20 miles each weekday without many stops.) I travel about 700miles each weekend. So far I didn't have any problem at all for 78000miles. I do the routine maintinance and are very careful about fluid levels, etc.

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Jar-Head!, 09/16/2004
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I finally decided to get rid of my 94 Toyota Pickup Truck (135,000 miles on it) and upgrade to something a bit nicer. I had to go with another Toyota truck - my 94 was just so good to me and really did hold its value - even with the high mileage. I wanted to wait for the new and redesigned 05 Tacoma but figured that the current model has been battle tested (something that new vehicles can only claim after being around for a few years). I really wanted a 4-door but was turned off at first when I found out that they only came with automatic transmissions. After a test drive I changed my mind. Bottom line - it's a very solid truck that will last!

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