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Hot Car, took forever to get

STUD, 11/25/2006
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I just got my Nissan Versa, black of course, and it is the best car i have ever had the pleasure to drive. The quality and performance of the car should have raised the price, but Nissan is selling it for around 14K. The only problem i have with this car is the time it took to get. I waited, but Nissan delivered; however, I am still waiting for my floor mats. Whatever ... this is the most sporty and fuel efficient car i have ever driven

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This Car is OKAY....

adensmommie, 05/24/2009
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I was searching for a car for two weeks and came up on this 07' Versa...I test drove it(not having driven manual in awhile) and I liked the feel of the car. I also got a good deal on it too. After the first week, the car felt like it was gonna die on me when I would turned on the AC and it shook a lot. Also the engine is REALLY LOUD!!! I was in 6th gear at 3500 RPMS doing 70 MPH and the engine sounded even more loud. My 92' eclipse had better gas mileage than this car, I would need to fill my tank every week and I only work 10 minutes away from my house. I like the look of this car but not for gas mileage and for a manual vehicle. I am currently looking to trade this car in...

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A HOT in on fire....

rhaines, 06/13/2013
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#1 - 2 days ago this car spontaneously combusted. It appears something went wrong in the electrical. #2 Previously replaced drive shaft sensor and fuel pump in the 1.5 years I owned it. #3 wife backed into car @ less than 5 mph....caused $1,500 + damage. Easily falls apart. No get up and go. Left my family sitting watching it burn up. Wish I never bought this car. Also no heat / AC for the rear. My son nearly froze / over heated because there is no air vent in the back. The front air vents do not produce enough air to supply the back seats with the proper temperature. He had to ride with blankets in the winter with the heat on.

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Great First Car

sublex, 06/30/2011
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Bought this car for my high school-aged daughter in July 2007. It is approaching four years old and she has put only 25K miles on it. It has held up well to her abuse. The first year, she blew two tires running into curbs, bent one rim, and backed into another car at the grocery store. We did have problems losing hubcaps. After replacing two and losing two more, I decided to invest in a set of alloy wheels. Well worth the $350 investment not having to worry about those hubcaps anymore. Considering all this, the car has been to the dealer only for normal maintenance (except for the visit to the body shop). Although, the last few months, I've noticed the white paint is starting to yellow.

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mostly pleased, but...

tab00, 09/11/2006
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Being my first ever new car (I'm 34) I did not know what to expect, overall I have been very pleased, with one caveat. The interior is really quite great. The fabric and materials are very good. The audio (standard package for the SL) is nice, it wont blow you away but it sounds very good. The ride is generally very quiet. The Sound Sensitive Audio is a great feature as is the Bluetooth and keyless entry/ignition. The phone mike needs to be more sensitive to pick up my voice. The keyless ignition and entry took some getting used to but it is well worth the bucks. My big complaint is mileage, sticker says 30/34. After 2500 miles and a dealer check up I get 22/26, sub-par for a car of this size

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