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MIXED Feelings??

guyhazard, 05/31/2012
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There are things about this Truck I love and things I hate. The performance as far as road handeling and power are Great, this truck moves when you put your foot in it! stability steering all good even at high speed. Off Road is very poor, Handeling is rough, I have had to replace sway bar mounts 5 times the last time with a beefed up aftermarket kit and instead of the joints breaking the whole sway bar broke off. multiple broken u joints, you might think im beating this truck to death, this is simple offroad washbed driving not trail running, jumping crazieness like I used to do in my Silverado. Paint is completely faded in roof, hood and wheel wells and ive hand waxed it 4 times a year .

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3 year update

Tiny, 08/11/2008
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It's coming up to 3 yrs since I bought my Titan. The cabin is very comfy, seats are soft, leg room all around is fantastic. Loads of power from the big V8, the truck is quiet with a decent sound system and has lots of fun toys like the bluetooth and an ipod connect. It rides very well for big a truck, easy over the bumps but feels very rugged at the same time. Definitely underrated in the truck segment. I just turned 50,000 miles with ZERO problems. I'm just now looking at purchasing new tires... GREAT TRUCK

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Small Mistakes, Are Big

Rey Vega, 01/12/2009
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The windshield is a major small mistake. The wipers can not keep up with the snow and ice, plus they rip on icy windshield. The defroster is too small for the size of the windshield, and cannot keep the ice off. Also only the driver's side has a door key lock. This becomes a problem when there is a sheet of ice over the door, and only one door with a key lock. There is also a problem with all the door windows taking in water and/or ice and freezing, not to mention rusting from the inside out. Why are there metal air valve steams on the tires? They break! Other than that, mileage is not what is claimed.

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Still An Awesome Truck After 3 Years

Allan, 01/19/2009
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Have used the truck for a variety of purposes including towing a travel trailer, offroading, commuting at times, traveling long highway distances, hauling building materials, etc. I haven't had any problems other than two factory recalls. One for the wiring harness at the back doors and the other for an A/C related component. The truck responds flawlessly to all of my needs and above all it feels like a truck, not a living room on wheels. Exactly what I wanted in this type of vehicle. Handling is very good and stable but need to be cautious around sharp curves because of higher 4x4 centre of gravity. Poor gas mileage. Don't drive it every day & can live with higher gas consumption.

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Love and Hate

Al P., 11/04/2009
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Purchased the truck in April 2006 and since then have had a love/hate relationship with it. The power, towing and off-road capability are what I admire the most about this '06 Titan. There's plenty of room in the cab with seats supportive enough not to tire me out on 300+ mile drives. The quality of materials used inside have a cheap look and feel. Great fosgate sound system. Here's what I dislike about the truck. Factory tires wore out after one season, all brake components worn out after 10000 miles, can't replace relay switches singly: have to replace entire integrated power distribution module, alternator burned out at 28000 miles, some stitching coming undone on bucket seat.

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