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2004 Lincoln Aviator

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Poor Quality: Cylinder, Transmission and AC Problems

natefromaz, 09/17/2011
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I bought a brand new Lincoln Aviator in November 2004 and it now has 82K miles. The quality of teh venhicle in general has been bad after he cross 60K miles. In general the engine pings and the check engine light comes and off and when we come to a stop light, the AC starts blowing hot air. The check engine light came steady on at 78K miles and when I took it to the dealer, it was diagnosed that left side cylinder head and transmission needs to be replaced and there is no warranty and I was given an estimation of $5500 for the cylinder head and $3500 for transmission. I called Ford customer care but they said that they cannot help or cover for these costs. Don't buy Ford!!

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I LOVE the Aviator!!!

azurlee, 09/04/2012
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I bought the 2004 Aviator brand new, almost 9 years ago. It has been the most reliable of any car I've ever had (and I've had many). It feels luxurious on the inside, even after all of this time. Lincoln got the fit/finish on this one right. It has been such a gem to own. I will drive it until it dies. I really wish Lincoln still made them. I would buy another after this one is done. That's how much I love it. I've owned many other SUV's and never had one this dreamy and reliable. Can't say enough good stuff about it.

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not a crossover, Awd Truck&Mustang

darthdaddy, 06/18/2013
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the best midsize suv in the bussiness , mine has been a complete pleasure since i bought it used in 08 with 111km.. now that she has 240k as if same as new i swear it (with some dash lights lit ). i do my maintanance tho , frequent oil changes is a must if you love her or she pings & cries . @ close to 185 to 200k my cats gave me all kind of symptoms like bucking and hesitating to accelerat witch set me on a long expensive adventure with plugs and more pluggs .. since the 3 catylytic change at 205k she has been great & never any other problem .. even the hypitch in the rear diff i bought it with, did go away by itself after some month of me racing the beast .. but also an awsome family truck

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I will never buy a lincoln again

gonzo13, 01/29/2010
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I bought this vehicle brand new in Oct 2004. When I bought it I was impressed with the styling more then anything else, but that quickly faded when the mechanical problems started soon after. I kept up on all required maintenance since I bought it. The problems started early on. From the climate control to the spark plug coils going out on me continuously. The gear shift leaver broke when I was putting it into park from drive. On the back tail gate there is a crack right below the back widow. I was told that it is a trend on these vehicles. I will never own another Ford/Lincoln product as long as I live. After all said and done, the dealership goes out of business. How ironic is that

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Brake gear shift release

mrcatpr, 08/27/2010
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I have problem with brake gear shift release and is too expensive to correct this problem.

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