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Home Run

Stuff that Matters, 03/18/2019
updated 05/21/2019
2019 Hyundai NEXO Limited 4dr SUV (electric (fuel cell) DD)
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Had it for about 50 days now and still loving it. Lets talk about what others don't. I have had many cars with early active safety features that worked from not so good too ok. Hyundai must have some great coders, because this radar stop and start cruise control is the best of any car I have had. Emergency braking is smooth in and out and does not over-react. Lane departure also smooth but some bouncing to keep car in lane but seems to be better on some roads than others. Still love having the feature. Auto parking is however hit and miss finding spaces. When it does it works very well. But of course I can park much faster than it does. So kind of not needed unless you just cant park or it is a very tight space or you just want to show off your cool car. More cool is having it pull out to you . Nav system and screen choices are amazing, solid, easy, super clear, intuitive and hi rez graphics. Again the best I have ever had and I have had many luxury cars. Build quality is solid. No squeaks or rattles. Very quiet drive. Road handling is very compliant on rough LA roads. I'm no longer a fan of the firm riding BMWi3. That thing lets you feel a spider when you run over it and is so jittery at high speeds it is not good. This car is heavy but I like the ride. Feels safe. Krell Audio system is really amazing. Their Clar-fi setting beautifully enhances the audio to a quality I have not heard in a car before. Lots of other high end features that all work well. Climate control system also works beautifully. My BMW was a joke with constant manual adjustments needed. This one nails it and is quiet. And I like the star trek bridge control buttons. Old fashioned but once you know the buttons it is fast to use. But in bright sun, it is hard to read them... but the massive touch screen covers everything and more and is very easy to use. Things to improve. Needs to have user selectable controls for regen braking and it needs stronger regen for one pedal driving. Once you do one pedal you don't want to go back. And also no "creep". I don't like needing to use the auto hold feature. Hyundai, please make these user selectable options and implement on a software update to the car. I know you can do it! Acceleration is plenty good for me. Sure some pure electrics are faster but do you really need that? I can still squirt in front of people when needed in this mid size suv which is pretty great and enough for me. Hey this even comes with top of the line michelin primacy tires. Nice going Hyundai. But, no memory seats in a $60k car. Cmon... big oversight but still not a deal breaker. Just amazing how certain things get left out. And leather seats would be much better than recycled plastic seats. They sit hot, but luckily are ventilated. But they are very comfortable from a form factor and there is quite a bit of legroom front and back. I'm 6'3 and can find great seating positions. Visibility is decent but there are the normal SUV blind spots. Exterior cameras all around are clear and work great. Lane change camera is pretty cool and will take some time getting used to but I can tell you it's a game changer for safety. When you exit the car you get what sounds like a vacuum cleaner sound which I think is some sort of fan/pump clearing out something. only lasts for about 5 seconds so no big deal. Another oddity is no tinted windows. Easy to get your own but keep in mind. Missing rain sensing wipers which I do like. Many more high end features than I can list that all work really well. But really this car hits more top of the line marks than my previous cars which included loaded models of the BMWi3, Chevy Volt, Infiniti FX45 & Q45 and many more in my car driving history. Never thought I would own a Hyundai, but they have proved they are capable of anything. The tech is amazing, I'm cleaning the air, great mileage ( exceeding the rating) and features and price if you figure the free fuel they give you. I know it's a loss leader for them for the future, so hopefully people will see that indeed clean hydrogen ( which you can get ) is indeed the best thing for the future and clearly available right now in California and some other areas. But having the first high mileage electric drive /hydrogen powered SUV with a great form and technology factor that cant be beat makes this a real winner. Keep it going Hyundai!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
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