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By chorlacher


2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Hybrid 4dr Sedan (1.5L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)


My wife and I both love driving this car! It's a smooth quite ride and has a very comfortable, and nice looking, interior and we love the exterior look too.

We bought it almost two months ago and have over 3000 miles on it. We had a 1600 mile trip to Canada with it. We averaged 47mpg for the entire trip. That was with a family of four (a 5 year old and a 3 year old) and the car loaded down driving up and coming home.

My first time filling the car after two weeks of regular usage it took 10.8 gallons and we had driving 555 miles since the last fill-up, 51mpg! For just my 18.6 mile commute to and from work I get high 50s (up to 62mpg) to work and low to mid 50s home.

Best Features

1. We love the look of the car, inside and out. It doesn't look like a Hybrid and it drives very much like a non-Hybrid. 2. We love driving the car. It's a smooth, quite, and comfortable ride. 3. It's loaded with great safety features: - Can use your phone to call for help automatically if you're in an accident and it gives your location (no phone account or plan for your car needed) - It watches the road and warns you if you need to break or if you're going out of your lane. - Passenger side mirror camera activate when you use the right turn signal giving you a great view on the 7" color screen with no blind spot! 4. It has great mileage for our driving!

Worst Features

1. The engine will always start if you shift into park. I can't think of any reason this should happen as it wastes gas unless of course the battery needs to be charged but it does this every time. 2. I would also like an option to start the car without the engine running. Let the default as is, starting the engine, but give an option in the settings so that it will not actually start the gas engine until you shift out of park and take your foot off the brake. 3. HDMI input doesn't work correctly with some devices and there are no correct aspect ratio options for 4:3 and 16:9 image display. There are options that would work if the physical display was 16x9 but it's 16x10.

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