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Great to drive!

eca72261, 08/07/2012
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I just put 3,000 miles on my 2012 Honda Civic HF and I must say, this car is a joy to drive and it's super easy to park. Visibility is wonderful. There is plenty of legroom/headroom even when my 6'3" son is sitting in the passenger seat. Everything in the car fits just right (I'm 5'9" weight 225 lbs). I use math to figure out the gas mileage (miles driven divided by gallons) and I'm getting 39.573 mpg on average with my first 3,000 miles. I drive 80% hwy, 20% city. I could not be more pleased. This is a conservative car (the styling) for conservative people who want to get from point A to point B without problems. I am very happy with my purchase!!

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Love My New Civic!

drewdiddy, 12/18/2011
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Okay, so it's a little premature to write a review about a car I've owned for 6 hours, and 50 miles. However this is my fifth Civic and I'm loving what I've seen so far. The technology is awesome, the mileage has been outstanding, and to be able to see your actual mpg improve by my method of driving, and using the ECON button is short of a incredible. I've owned a 1989 Civic, 1993 Civic Coupe, 2004 Civic Coupe, and most recently acquired my mom's 1996 Civic sedan.

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Best in Class!

kaneohe00, 07/05/2012
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I test drove a hyundai elantra, a corolla and corolla S before I drove the Honda. Didn't bother with Ford, Nissan or Kia because I wanted a car that would last for a long time without a doubt. The Hyundai drove well and had a lot of extras but based of past performance and current reviews I felt like they were trying to sell you with extras versus a solid performer. So it came down to the corolla and civic. The civic drove better, had a more attractive and functional interior and I felt Honda put a lot of effort into the design of the civic while it seemed Toyota hasn't done anything to improve the Corolla since 1985. It reminded me of the Tercel my mom had when I was 10 years old.

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No odometer

softailguy, 08/27/2013
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I purchased my 2012 Civic LX in July 2012. It now has about 19,000 miles on it. It does well on gas but I think the fuel guage is inaccurate. It supposedly has a 13 gallon tank yet even when I'm on E and the range says 9 miles I am never able to put more than 10 gallons in it. And then today I left work and noticed I had no odometer display, no maintenance minder info, no fuel mpg info or range info. It just disappeared from the menu. So now I have no way of knowing what my mileage is or when to change my oil. This is my first Honda after driving Hyundai Elantras for 15 years. I should have stuck with Hyundai. Better car for less money.

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Overall, a happy owner...minus a few complaints.

kruizer, 05/14/2013
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We purchased our 2012 Civic LX Sedan in Dec. 2011 as a commuter car and have put about 17K miles on it. Like most have mentioned, the road noise is present and the sound system is not up to par. My biggest complaint is the shifter/transmission (auto) tends to vibrate while accelerating quickly. Pulling out in traffic can be a bit dangerous too, if you forget the ECON button is on. That being said, overall, my wife and I are very satisfied with our Civic. The legroom is plentiful for this size car. The fuel economy is great (~32 in City). And the displays are very easily read.

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Electrical problems have plagued this car

Honda_dad, 08/07/2016
EX 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl 5A)
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The only problem we had with this car was going through three batteries from the dealership within the first six months. What we found is the batteries Honda puts in these vehicles are apparently the least they can get by with. After replacing the third one and taking it to an auto parts store to have the alternator checked (which was checked and found to be ok) I bought an Optima Yellow Top battery for it and after three and half years we have had to replace it. Now it's a toss up as to whether or not the air conditioner will work. Electrical issues seem to be getting worse with age.

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Happy Cowboy

makerwright, 10/10/2011
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I'm a recreational shooter, and I do alot of highway driving on the weekends to participate in various shooting events. For many years I've made these trips in 4X4 trucks and have wasted alot of gas in the process. I wanted a vehicle that gets great mpg, would effectively haul myself and my equipment, and has the comforts of A/C, cruise, auto, CD, power locks and windows. I also wanted to buy from a manufacturer with a lengendary rep for longevity and reliability. The Civic LX sedan fits my needs wonderfully. My trips regularly take me over the high mountain passes of Colorado, and even with the automatic transmission the civic has no problem doing the speed limit over the hills.

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I Love My little Civic

99eclipses, 12/12/2011
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To tell you the trusth i hated the last civic. So when the dealership initially showed me this Civic i was thinking in my head, "Im going to hate this, this is a waste of my time", till i actually looked at the car and drove it. My wife also didnt like it till she sat in it, and she fell in love with it after driving it. I had also takin the Nissan Versa out for a drive and when i got in it it was huge! But after 20 mins of sitting in it I absolutly hated it. So we ended up getting the civic for $1k more. The technology in this car is absolutly amazing. Its 3 times what the versa will EVER be.

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You are not buying a Mercedes

carlonz, 03/02/2012
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So I have had my Civic for one week. Traded a 2005 Altima SL LOADED. I have a base LX automatic. I bought this solely for the gas mileage and in that respect I am getting much more than I expected. This is not a luxury car so don't buy it if that is what you are looking for. The drive is nice and tight, shifting is smooth, braking is decent. It is stylish and solid. I have about 250 miles on it and I have averaged about 36 mpg with 80% hwy and 20% city driving. This is my first Honda and so far I am extremely impressed. I was able to buy it for a touch less than invoice which made it very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this car if you are looking to save gas money.

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Our third Civic is the quietest!

hardcopy, 05/07/2012
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We can't relate to the professionals claim of excessive road/wind noise. This car, up to 80MPH, is as quiet as our Cadillac CTS. Maybe Honda responded to the critiques with more sound deadening - it is quiet. We haven't gone more than 12 miles from home and we are averaging the advertised 44 MPG. Particularly impressed with the included technology. Bluetooth works great. We particularly like the near headsup display of driving data. Not nearly as quirky as a Prius. Drivability is typically Honda confident.

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