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2012 Civic

virgie, 09/01/2011
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We bought a 2012 Honda Civic back in June. It is just my husband and myself and we decided to downsize. We had a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. We were disappointed with the service we got from the Impala. I was interested in buying a Toyota Corolla. My daughter has a 2004 Corolla and has gotten excellent service. For example she still has the original battery. The Corolla has only had to have routine service work (oil changes, brakes, and tires). When the time came to ditch the Impala we had trouble finding Corolla's. So we went and looked at Civics. I loved the dash inside the car. I love the Econ. feature. We loved the way the car handles.

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2012 Honda Civic

JoJo91, 07/31/2015
EX 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl 5A)
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Great, solid vehicle. I had this car for closing in on two years and it never gave me an issue. I purchased it with 7700 miles and put nearly 33,000 miles on with not a single major problem. The biggest issue I had was having to change a fuse. Great car, took me and my sibling from New Mexico to Nevada with not a single hesitation. Drove it 70 MPH is pouring rain and there wasn't a single near accident scare. I loved the heck out of this car and I miss it every day. Never gave me a problem, gave me great gas mileage, and still got many compliments over our year and eight months together. This car was my baby and I think I will always miss it. He got totaled in an accident and I was (and still am) devastated. Airbags deployed perfectly- no question. Great car. I would highly recommend.

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Forget Consumer Reports

subarubiker, 01/02/2013
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The fact that Honda only made slight changes to the Coupe for 2013 shows the 2012 was a great car. I have a Dyno Blue Coupe EX with the 5-speed manual, absolutely stunning and sporty looking. This is my first manual car and I love it; it has a smooth-shifting stick and a very easy to modulate clutch that's a breeze in traffic. It gets great mileage on regular gas, getting 28mpg combined in winter temperatures with snow tires. The ride is a bit loud, but it handles very well and is a big upgrade over the past Civics with the handy i-Mid and the great 7-speaker sound system. Seats are very comfy! The only thing that lacks in the Civic is winter handling- winter tires transformed my Civic.

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exl w nav coupe

adansereau, 10/04/2012
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I have had the exl nav coupe now for 6 weeks and about 1500 miles mostly city and averaged about 30 to 33 mpg. traded a 2010 coupe for this one. This car is quiter, more comfortable, and has more mid range torgue than the previous one. The leather is top notch and seats are great. The electronics from nav to i mid screen are easy to use and radio functions displayed are really nice. This car feels very luxurious. Its sporty, looks good, has cool electronic dash with lots of color and looks very upscale and space age. This was a good choice and i am very happy with this car.

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Good Car With Some Notable Exceptions

terrainorg, 06/14/2012
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I've driven Hondas for a long time now, so had high expectations with my Civic EX sedan. Unfortunately, I find the new Civic pretty underwhelming, based primarily on two factors: 1) Road noise, caused by a cardboard-thin floorboard. It's not wind noise but rather noise coming up from underneath; loudest sedan I've ever driven in that respect. 2) I'm 6'5", and had no problem with comfort on the test drive. But after several weeks I still cannot find a comfort zone with the seat (headroom is fine). That could easily be solved by an electronic seat, which the Civic EX (like the Accord) should offer. There are lots of things I really like, but if I had to do it all over, I'd get another car.

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loving this car

12civicowner, 12/11/2011
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I gave up my aging 2000 accord ex-v6 for the '12 civic and have no regrets. Originally my goal was to get a Honda fit which handled nicely and had good utility space but when I sat in a Civic, it was a whole different story. The drivers seat felt great(fit's seat felt stiff) and my eyes were drawn to the dashboard. Immediately I was impressed. I test drove it twice at 2 different dealers and fell in love with it and knew i had to go home with it that day. The gas milage is excellent and when I'm sitting in it I don't feel cramped at all. I will be enjoying this car for a very long time.

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Best value for money plus gr8 ride&handling

hondaowner12, 08/03/2011
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We have been honda customers for a while..own a 99 accord (has crossed 225000 miles) which stills runs nicely and gives 35mileage..had leased 2007 accord which we loved. I recently bought 2012 civic and I love it. Moving from accord to civic may seem like a downgrade, but the priorities have changed, mileage and monthly cost being the top. The other option we considered was prius..But $7-8K additional price gives me -ve NPV over 5years..also I got 0.9 APR from honda financial My new civic gives me avg 42+mileage (I am mostly on freeway)..comfortable and spacious seats (for my 6'1" hubby too)..smooth ride&handling..

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great car so far for first 5 weeks

yarruhs, 11/18/2012
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I thoroughly enjoy this car. The fuel economy is far better than i expected. I have gotten as high as 40 mpg , and with each gallon of natural gas costing $2.05 , this has translated into an mpg equivalent of gasoline of 80 mpg ((when gas is at $4.00 for unleaded gas). I am waiting for the diamond lane sticker which will save me at least 10 minutes each way to and from work. One thing to note is in California there are many natural gas stations. The lowest price stations are the actual gas companies at 2.05 per gallon. Others will charge as high as $2.99 which is 33% more

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matt144, 10/09/2011
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I purchased Civic LX (1.8L 4-cyl Automatic) in August 2011.The first impression was the car looked sharp and the price was reasonable. However, after driving it for about 2,500 miles, the biggest problem is excessive road noise. I drove Toyota, Ford and Nissan before but I never had such a noisy car. The mpg is 35 to 38 which I expected but I didn't expected such a excessive road noise.

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Civic - better than ever!

winkr22, 11/03/2011
12 of 14 people found this review helpful

We bought the car a few months back with overall value in mind. Overall value, for our purposes, was defined as a combination of reliability, gas mileage, safety, long term cost of ownership, and comfort. I would say in that order -- but really all of them were high on the order list. We were not looking for the type of car to modify or look thuggish, and we did not want the type of car that gets stolen for that purpose like some of the older Japanese models like Civics did. As a VALUE oriented car, this vehicle is spectacular and exactly what we wanted. We have stopped subscribing to CR as their quality of reviews over the last couple of years has gone more the way of sensationalism

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