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Canadian SE Special Edition model

duke_wa, 05/03/2013
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Just bought this Civic 5-speed manual transmission SE model. It seems very practical and comfortable. Everything works and the car is 10 years old. Seating is comfortable, driving view is excellent, power is adequate with the manual transmission. This one was in excellent condition and I hope to keep it for the next 5 years. I really like the biege and brown interior. The dash is a nice quality, it doesn't look cheap. Also easy to park and the rear seats fold flat. The clutch is very intuitive as well.

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Adequate Car for the initial cost

hardfire454, 03/31/2011
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I have never been one to be impressed by Hondas, but this hybrid was in my price range so I bought it. Overall, it was cheap in every way, you get what you pay for. This car on various occasions wouldn't start, so I'd wait a half hour, and it would start. This is by far the most uncomfortable car that I have ever owned, the battery was just replaced for free by the dealer. The car's transmissin also has needed expensive repairs many times. If you need good mileage, and don't have any money, this is the car for you.

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It has survived me so far with 200k+

C Read, 03/11/2010
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I've enjoyed driving the car, mileage is great, especially since I drive a lot of miles, but I have had my problems with the car: alternator went at 90k, the trans had a bearing go at 135k (replacement required), paint started peeling at year 4, ECCM (computer) went at 197k, the fabric on the doors started coming off (glue degraded). The engine is still. Though this car hasn't been as worry free as hoped, but with the high mileage accumulated as quick as it was, I would say it has handled as well could be expected with any car, I'll compare my next car when I get one, until then.

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Love my EP3

tomjaaahallo, 01/02/2013
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I bought my Si in may 2012 with 140k and now it has 154k. This was the first car I've bought with my own money, and I am extremely satisfied. The 2.0L 4 has just enough hp to have fun but still is capable over over 30 mpg highway. The shifter is very easy to use and the handling is very responsive. Most of all, this car is extremely reliable. I have only needed brakes put on the car after purchasing, other than that no problems have surfaced. The best way to sum up this car is deceptively quick, deceptively room y (especially the rear seat), and deceptively reliable. I will definitely look at another Si when the time to get a new car comes, but for now I am extremely happy with my '03!

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2003 Civic Hybrid

Mark C., 04/28/2002
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The Hybrid is here to stay! After waiting about two weeks to get the color I wanted, I finally brought home my new Honda Civic Hybrid.I have only driven it for a few days, but every time I drive it, I love it more and more.It is everything that I expected.This makes Honda #5 for me and it is the only brand vehicle that I will ever own. Thanks Honda!

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