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2013 Honda Accord Review

  • This 2013 Honda Accord video review includes information about price, fuel economy, safety and features like Lanewatch and Bluetooth. We compare the Accord to other midsize family sedans and discuss what it's like to drive.

    Honda sells the Accord in both sedan and coupe body styles, but the sedan is clearly more practical. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable backseat in this class, which includes some truly spacious cars. Honda also gives you a large trunk.

    Pricing starts around $22,000, and loaded versions go into the low $30,000s. This midrange EX sedan costs about $26,000.

    Interior quality is historically a Honda Accord strength, but the previous version had fallen behind in design and technology. You still wouldn't confuse this cloth-lined EX model for a luxury sedan, but the cabin is attractive and you can finally go handsfree with your Bluetooth phone. The pairing process is simple, too, just like all the other controls in here. There's also a keyless ignition, a first for the Accord, plus this Lanewatch feature, which uses a camera on the passenger-side mirror to show me cars in my blind spot.

    Although Honda offers a V6, most buyers get the four-cylinder engine, which offers plenty of power for highway driving and an EPA fuel economy rating of 30 mpg. That's a great number, but this class is very competitive. An Accord hybrid and plug-in hybrid will arrive later and will put up very impressive mpg numbers.

    The Honda Accord has a reputation for being sportier than its rivals, and this car feels confident around turns. Some consumers find the ride too firm, though, and the cabin isn't the quietest. If you like a softer, more serene ride, you may prefer one of its rivals.

    You should also keep in mind that the Honda Accord isn't the cheapest game in town. Hyundai offers similar features for less money. Yet, there's something about this midsize Honda that keeps people coming back, and it's the total package of space, amenities, efficiency and performance.

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