Those Seats, Though - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

2015 Ford Mustang GT: Those Seats, Though

by Dan Frio, Automotive Editor on November 23, 2015

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Something changed between our last Mustang and our 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Either the Mustang's pedal box grew further apart from the steering column or I shrank a couple of inches. Or I'm just imagining things.

Or it could be those seats.

Opinion is widely mixed here in-house, but I like the Recaros — once I'm in them, anyway. I don't especially like the solid piece of plastic between the cutouts for, ostensibly, shoulder harnesses, that the base of my skull bumps into when driving. But they complement the rest of the car's performance intentions, so I'm glad we got them.

But these seats clearly seem intended for taller drivers. And at 5-foot, 7-inches, that I can't claim to be. I'm pretty sure I was the same height when we had our 2011 Mustang, but in that car, I didn't need to slide the seat forward to reach the pedals, then aft to slide out of the car. Compounding the problem are the Recaro's tall thigh bolsters and my preference for dropping the steering column usually to the lowest setting.

All of which makes for an awkward entry/exit if I leave the seat positioned for where I need it to reach the pedals. Our old Mustang had standard leather six-way power seats, with lower, supple thigh bolsters that you could just slide over, and I don't recall needing to slide so far forward to catch the pedals. 

I've grown accustomed to the rail slide during my stints with the Mustang and it's sort of an automatic sequence now. But I'd be bummed if I had to deal with it every day as an owner, and it's something you might overlook during a quick test drive.

Dan Frio, Automotive Editor

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