Performance Testing Redux - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

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2015 Ford Mustang GT: Performance Testing Redux

by Reese Counts, Vehicle Testing Assistant on December 11, 2015

2015 Ford Mustang GT

The Mustang is one of the most commonly modified vehicles in history. We decided to join the party with our long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT by making it a lot louder, a little lower and its shifts slightly shorter. Finally, we wrapped the Mustang in fresh rubber and traced down the source of a mysterious noise.

As with all our long-term test vehicles, we tested the Mustang shortly after it was purchased. With all these new parts installed, we put Senior Editor Josh Jacquot behind the wheel for another go. Like many modifications, the numbers alone don't tell the full story.


First Test

Second Test

0-60 (sec)



0-60 w/rollout (sec)



1/4-mile (sec @ mph)

13 @ 111.4

13 @ 111.8

60-0 Braking (feet)



Skidpad (g)






Weight (lbs)



Price as Tested




Vehicle: 2015 Ford Mustang GT with Performance Package and Ford Performance Parts

Date: 11/24/2015

Driver: Josh Jacquot

Price as Tested: $48,627

Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission Type: Six-speed manual
Engine Type: Naturally aspirated V8
Displacement (cc/cu-in): 4,951/302
Redline (rpm): 6,700
Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 435 @ 6,500
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm): 400 @ 4,250
Brake Type (front): One piece ventilated disc with six-piston fixed calipers
Brake Type (rear): One piece ventilated disc with single-piston sliding calipers
Suspension Type (front): MacPherson strut with anti-roll bar
Suspension Type (rear): Independent multilink, anti-roll bar, monotube dampers

Tire Size (front): 255/40ZR19 96Y
Tire Size (rear): 275/40ZR19 101Y
Tire Brand: Pirelli
Tire Model: PZero
Tire Type: Asymmetrical, summer
As tested Curb Weight (lb): 3,786

Ford Performance 2015 Mustang Short Throw Shifter Kit (M-7210-M8)
Ford Performance 2015 Mustang Track Handling Pack (MFR3A-M8)
Ford Performance 2016 Mustang GT 5.0L Cat Back Touring Exhaust System (M-5200-M8TC)

Test Results: 

0-30 (sec): 2.2
0-45 (sec): 3.4
0-60 (sec): 4.9
0-60 with 1-ft Rollout (sec): 4.6
0-75 (sec): 6.7
1/4-Mile (sec @ mph): 13.0 @ 111.8

30-0 (ft): 27
60-0 (ft): 110

Slalom (mph): 72.2
Skid Pad Lateral acceleration (g): 0.95 (0.96 w/ESC on)
RPM @ 70: x 2,100

"Best run using launch control at 3,400 rpm. Shifter allows rapid shifts, but feels bad for tranny. No new news here. Launch control removes most of the technique from the launch, leaving only the trial-and-error of picking launch rpm. I had one run several tenths quicker but forgot to hit the log button. Couldn't duplicate after many attempts.                                                                       
Extremely solid pedal has almost no compliance, which hurts feel. Matters little in full ABS stops, however. Consistent. No pedal fade.    

Slalom: Feels truly drivable through slalom. Predictable, intuitive, well-controlled. Better than before. Track mode allows a reasonable amount of limits-exploring. Even small slides are permitted and controllable. Possibly this is the only noticeable difference versus the last test with wheels in the wrong place.

Skid pad: No improvement over last test. Handling balance still very different clockwise vs. counterclockwise with counterclockwise balance allowing far more adjustment at the limit. Clockwise, only wants to understeer.

Reese Counts, Vehicle Testing Assistant @ 17,926 miles

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