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Crazy room, head turning, comfortable

bbarber, 05/21/2010
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I'm a big guy, was looking to trade out of an older SUV. I looked at so many makes and models and nothing felt right Then I test drove a Charger just for the curiosity of having a car again after years of stepping up into an SUV. The Charger was nice. Not enough room! Dealer suggested a Chrysler 300. After some research, found that the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Magnum were all built at the same assembly plant in Canada. Same frame, same basic interiors. Saw a Magnum in person. The 2008 is HOT! The look is tough, the interior is comfortable and super spacious. No compromise for me! Got all the room of my old SUV, all the style of a stacked Magnum. 2.7 V6 ok mileage A+ value!

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Not your ordinary Mommy Mobile

kiss this, 10/04/2010
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I used to drive a Nissan quest, and I had so many issues with the darn thing, I wanted something that would give me the cargo room, without the bulkiness of an SUV. It is so reliable and at the time of purchase the car facts rated it at a 93% and I have not been disappointed. Everything about this vehicle, screams reliability, youthfulness and practicality!

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Fantasic Ride

RS, 03/29/2008
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Dodge fires the car instead of the people that didn't figure out how to package and market a Fantastic car. I found a rare 29R package with the performance exhaust, seats, wheels, etc. My last two cars were a BMW 5 series and an M3. The Magnum is the best car I have ever owned period! Well controlled ride, quite inside, seats are incredibly comfortable, very powerful and smooth engine and moves the car effortlessly and will do about anything you want, plus in highway driving on my first tank of gas I got 25.6 mi per gallon. Crossovers, the Magnum blows you out of the water. The Magnum does everything better and for less money. What else do you want. I never thought I would own a Dodge WOW!!!

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Best Car I've Owned in 50 Years

ocita, 07/26/2013
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I special ordered my 2008 Magnum SXT for delivery in the USA while serving in, Afghanistan. It currently has 50K miles on it, most of the miles from long-distance driving. It averages about 27 mpg at 65-70 mph. Out west, at altitudes above 5,000 ft, where the speed limit is 80, the mileage jumps to 33 mpg. Most of the miles on the car have been cross country. I was stopped by a police officer only once. The officer only wanted was to know the name of the color on the car. She loved the color. This is the most comfortable riding and reliable vehicle I have owned n 50 years. The only problem I have had in 5 years was a burned-out license plate light bulb.

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Seduced by style....

Waggineer, 01/27/2010
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I purchased an 8 month old Magnum SXT with well less than 10K on the clock. I fell in love with the looks of the car and the roominess and cargo hauling capability. The car has a good, solid highway ride and decent handling for a large car. The downside has been very spotty quality. Issues have included a new torque converter at 9K, leaky rear diff at 12K, an annoying squeak in the rear of the cabin that the dealer has "fixed" 3 times, and a very "clunky" 4 speed tranny. The visibility is really annoying as well. While I really like the car I'm wondering about the long term reliability given the big ticket warranty repairs I've needed.

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I love it..

Kali, 06/17/2008
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I love my Magnum. I think it is a great bargain and a well thought out design. It even surprises me its an American car. I've had 2 BMW's and this is way better than both of those cars. I only wish the gas mileage is better. My AWD gets a little thirsty on fuel but at least I recognize its partially due to my driving style. The interior and ride are comfortable and natural and I am surprised by how much "stuff" I've been able to carry in this vehicle. Its a shame they stopped making them. Hopefully they'll figure it out and bring it back.

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Roomy, Quiet Oasis in Traffic

Ken, 10/08/2008
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Being 6'4" tall, interior room is very important. I've had the Magnum since February, and at first was worried about the 2.7 L V6, but having driven it to the east coast, over the mountains, was surprised with the power of the car. Extremely quiet ride, nice stereo system. Absolutely zero build problems, no mechanical problems with the car at all. Have to join the chorus that is sorry that they are not building this car any more, really love it. Traded in a 1995 Dodge Spirit with 120K miles, this car is a whole different ride altogether. Also considered Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne, Magnum has a better quieter ride and is roomier.

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Pleased, 02/03/2008
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I thought I would not like the base Magnum SE with the 2.7L engine, I was wrong. The base engine has plenty of power for my needs. Have you mind, if you're in it for power, then go for the 3.5 or the HEMI. My whole reason for buying is, comfort and gas mileage. I strongly believe that the Magnum SE for me is the best bang for the buck. It's a lot more comfortable than than the Charger SE. One other thing, it comes with a lifetime powertrain. So what if the motor or trans goes out while you own it, just get it replaced for free. Go test drive the 2.7L and you'll be surprised.

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Best wagon ever!

MagRT, 12/21/2007
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I'm writing this just to express my anger that Chrysler will stop producing this excellent vehicle. Great perfomer, has place for 5 tall people + luggage. Only minus is the fuel economy - in the city. All distances that I drive in a normal day are 3-6 miles with 5-10 traffic lights. Avg: 13 MPG. Highway - over 24 MPG.

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Hot Mag

regularguy2, 06/17/2010
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Nice car, fast, smooth, hauls stuff & hauls! I like the power and the handling

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