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Tell Me More is Driven to Make Car Buying Easier

That's why 18 million unique car shoppers visit our site each month!

Through the Price Promise® Program, we offer a better, quicker way for you to connect with car buyers.

When a fair price is provided to a buyer upfront, less time is spent negotiating and the focus can shift to showcasing your service and building relationships. You set the price, and the buyer gets the peace of mind of getting an upfront instant guaranteed price.

Shopping Inventory is Central to the Experience

Price Promise lets you offer special pricing on new inventory to connect instantly with our unique and qualified buyers. That means more inventory-specific, ready-to buy contacts and more sales.

Are you ready to join the thousands of participating dealers who are seeing a significant lift in quality contacts?

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Our Users Are Saying...

Since signing up for the Edmunds Price Promise® program, I have received 10X the number of (inventory) prospects and have closed them TWICE as often as other prospects.

Michale Bailey, E-Commerce Director

Town & Country

Portland, Oregon

We see higher closing ratios with Edmunds Price Promise® customers, upwards of 12-15%. That's successful to us because it mean's we're putting more cars on the road!

Bill Scarbrough

Sam Pack's Five Star Ford

Lewisville, TX

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