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New 2500HD

Art, 11/14/2006
21 of 22 people found this review helpful

Great truck! The ride is better than either Dodge or Ford across my dirt roads. On the highway it does not ride as well as my wife's Suburban, but still much better than the other trucks I have. Handles well, better than most trucks that are not "sporterized". I test drove all three domestic truck lines and this was head and shoulders above the competition. Fuel mileage is low, but this is probably due to the engine break in period.

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07 Silverado Classic 2500 HD Duramax

parkerkr, 02/25/2011
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Very impressed with performance. I tow a 10000 lb 5th wheel travel trailer without even a hiccup! Right now I drive 72 miles one way to work each day in the snow, getting 17-18 mpg on a regular basis and have gotten as high as 19.2 mpg, that is while in 4x4 in the snow

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Pulls all Day

Big Bob, 09/20/2009
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Test drove and researched reviews and maintenance histories of the big three, and settled on the Chevy to pull my 5th Wheel. I'm so impressed that I'm taking the time to post this review, and like other reviewers, I have nothing but praise for the Duramax/Allison pwertrain - quiet and dependable, this is one towing beast. Pulled my 14,000 lb trailer coast-to- coast, up and over the White Mountains while passing cars climbing the hills. While the comment about "acres of plastic" is true, and I find the exterior styling less appealing than similar Fords, I bought it to haul and stay out of the shop, and it does both better than the competition. This is a great truck.

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You Can't Beat This Truck!

OC Fire, 11/15/2009
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I have owned this truck for 3 years now and have put over 75,000 miles on it since I drove it off the lot. The Duramax/Allison combo is unbeatable in todays truck market. I have not had a single issue with this truck. I have 3 friends with the exact same model with no problems either. It pulls our 5th wheels with ease and the manual electronic shifting is great for going down steep grades. I just replaced my original set of tires at 70,000! Other people have complained about MPG, but I average 16.6 MPG! I highly recommend anyone looking at this model year to buy it!

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Duramax, Just Awesome

Bootleg, 12/31/2008
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After much discussion between gas and diesel, we went with the Duramax. Just awesome is all I can say. We just pulled a 4 horse trailer cross country, 9 days and 6500 miles later my back was not even sore from the ride. Engine never slowed across any of the mountains. Plenty of room to lay out in the back and sleep while trading off driving. I revamped some built in headrest dvd players from an H3 and they look great. Should be an option.

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