Used 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic Consumer Reviews

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic

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My review starts at 106,000

buggs, 09/16/2010
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I purchased this truck brand new with 38 miles on it. In my type of business, its stop and go, stop and go all day for miles. That includes turning off and starting again many, many times through the day.Through highways and country roads, pot holes, rain and winter weather. This truck has never left me stranded. I am very anal about my vehicles. Doing maintenance and replacing parts before they go out. Been a Chevy man for many years now. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. Just had the brakes done at 105,000. Even though mechanic said you don't need them. One of the best trucks I've ever owned

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2007 Classic Silverado 2LS 1500 4WD Crew

Dennis, 09/09/2006
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Traded a 2005 Colorado for this truck. First tank of gas yielded 15 MPG which included pulling a 2000 pound boat in the mountains. The RPM does not jump off the scale (5,000), as did the Colorado (which got only 16 MPG). The 4.8L V8 appears to be the key. I tested a 5.3L and ran out of gas before the road test ended. The 4.8 is smooth and powerful at any speed. I hope the gas mileage improves as did the other Chevy trucks. A great ride!

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Great Truck!

ajoker31, 01/01/2007
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I couldn't be happier with this truck. Got such a great deal that I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Comfortable interior, great classic look and power.

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Good deal and gas mileage

tom, 03/28/2008
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Bought brand new with 100k warranty, auto, air, tint, cloth 60/40 seats. work truck. Gets 500 miles to the tank on the highway in Utah. About 21- 22. 19 all around. No problems so far, hauls boat ok. Paid 15k with two ski season passes plus 10 additional. Now have close to thirty and tires are starting to show wear.

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Kicks rear

jjs4rsm1, 11/25/2006
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After putting an additional $7 grand into the motor and suspension, supercharger, intake, exhaust, fuel management and cam, along with some suspension mods, my SS blows away my friends SRT 10 everywhere, drags or through the twistys! And with the $14 grand I had left over from what he payed for his SRT 10, I bought my son and I brand new dirt bikes and a really nice trailer! And still have money left over for gas for the next 12 months! All my mods are dealer friendly and do not comprimise my warranty!

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