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It Goes and Goes

Howard, 02/25/2006
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Over 100K miles and it has yet to break down. The only mechanical problem so far was when an electrical problem caused the fan not to work at the lower speeds. This is my concept of a luxury car. Although nothing about it is spectacular, there is nothing that is truly deficient. It still runs just about as smoothly as the day I bought it.

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Terrific bang for your dollar!

stfdc00069, 10/08/2012
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I will preface my comments with this: I do not trust GM for a second and was very sceptical when buying this vehicle and fully expected a potential headache. I purchased this car used in 2009 at 58,000km (36,000 miles). Presently I have 84,000km (52,000miles) on it plus 10 Canadian winters. Replaced original tires at 80,000km. Battery went last year, also original. Replaced brakes once only because I wanted new pads and discs in the face of approaching harsh Canadian winter. You really couldn't ask for more. This car so far cost me $5k for three years of ownership. Taking a bus woudl have been more expensive! Absolutely love it! Go GM! Terrific value for not much dollar

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1999 Malibu

MKO, 03/02/2002
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This car is relatively fun to drive, has good gas milage for a V6. Driving all the way from Appleton, WI to Mount Rushmore and back in three days was a breeze. The equipment level is fantastic, and the absance of traction control has never been a problem. This and the Hyundai Sonata are the two cars my heart goes for: Affordable, comfortable, and low cost. Note I did not use the word cheap.

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Engine Trouble At Sixty Thousand Miles

Switched to Honda, 12/12/2006
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For three years the Malibu was a wonderful car to own. I liked the engine power and the extremely comfortable driver seat. However, the car started developing severe coolant- related engine problems at 60,000 miles. I did some research and discovered that this is a common occurance with Malibus. Last week I traded it off and bought a brand new Honda. If you buy a Malibu, you will eventually have coolant-related engine problems. I faithfully maintained mine and it still happened. The Malibu has a serious design flaw in its cooling system. Buy at your own risk.

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Great car

jilikins, 04/01/2014
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We had a 2002 Malibu that we originally bought in 2007. Never had any major issues with it and because of high mileage hubby put on it driving 90 miles back and forth to work, we decided to look for another car. We found a 2002 Malibu (this one is loaded) with 80,000 miles on it and promptly bought it. My husband is a back yard mechanic of sorts (built a '66 Chevy II from the ground up into a pro-street car) and so he does regular maintenance on it and changes the oil religiously and tune ups and such. Sure, we've had to change the brakes on both our vehicles, but that is the norm. Great, great car.

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