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1998 Lumina tops all cars I've owned

Ruth Samuels, 10/10/2007
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After 10 years of driving the 1998 Lumina, I have found it is the most reliable, comfortable, safe car I've owned. It has features which I have just discoved many 2008 cars still don't have: electronically adjustable driver's seat, daytime running lights, automatic headlights, a great engine without any hesitation which has always run smoothly and quietly. This car has never left me stranded - it seems to be indestructible and has always been exceptionally reliable. Plenty of room. Most important: no engine or transmission problems at all in 10 years, at 132,000 miles. It could go to 200,000 easily. I have owned a Corolla, Camry, Altima, & Buick. The Lumina has been the best by far!

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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Frasier, 12/07/2016
4dr Sedan
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I purchased my Lumina in 2013 at 200,000 miles for $1100. I put another $500 in to replace the tie rods and rotors. 3 Years and 35,000 miles later, I have only had to replace the spark plugs and oxygen sensor. In terms of reliability and maintenance cost, this car is positively wonderful. The car itself will fall apart before the engine ever dies out on you as long as you take care of it. It does burn oil, but that is to be expected for a car with this many miles on it. If you have the opportunity to pick up a high mileage Lumina for cheap without major engine problems, I would highly recommend it.

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98 lumina

Terry, 01/14/2010
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Great car, most trouble free, great gas mileage(21-24 town,32-34highway), most comfortable car for traveling coast to coast we have ever owned. Jan. 2010 timing chain cover gasket gave out,will fix and drive. This car now has 203,000 miles on it. Other than the gasket we have only had to fix the battery, starter and alternator.

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Very reliable!

Angel eyes, 04/13/2009
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I purchased this car from a friend. This car now has over 200,000 miles and still runs great! It also still gets great gas mileage, 18 in town and to my surprise about 30 on hwy!!! I would buy this car over again.

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Wondering what to do....

carrisa_lumina, 03/07/2011
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I have had this car for about 5 years now, it has about 75,000 miles on it (the odometer stopped working at 35,000) I am trying to decide whether or not to fix this car up to keep it or buy a newer car. I havent had any major problems with this car, fuel pump(twice), the ignition stopped working so I had to have a push button start installed, and a starter, also the AC doesnt work. I was just looking to see what I should do with the car... it needs to have the transmission serviced, oil changed, new tires, and when I try to start it sometimes it skips and doesnt catch right away. Also the AC doesnt wor

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Best cars built

joe boxer, 06/22/2007
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This has got to be the best car ever built. My '98 Lumina has 430,000 plus miles on it and I’ve done only routine maintenance repairs on it. The car drives like new yet, the power the 3100 v-6 makes. The passing power the ride. All are awesome yet.

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NickoSweetConfidence, 11/07/2009
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I bought my Lumina from my boyfriends mom in November of 2008. It had 180,000 miles when I got it, now has 215,000. I'm the second owner. I have had to fix some minor issues here and there but the car is amazing. Takes it like i give it. I have no disappointments in the way it drives or handles. Incredibly reliable. Gas mileage is pretty good, without sacrificing power, which is great with today's economy. I recommend this car to anyone looking for a roomy, comfortable, reliable vehicle.

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First And Only Car

eschaefer1, 11/29/2011
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Love this car, I got it as a 16th birthday gift from my mother, it had 150k miles on it and it now has 167k miles. put new battery, serpentine belt and all new pumps, plugs, and wires in it along with new intake manifold gaskets ($400-$600) and new Moda MD9 Rims. easily maintainable except for battery removal, which is a pain to get out. only major problem in whole car is small rust spot under gas cap, couple dents on fenders and rack and pinion needs replaced ($400-$800) depending on where you go. after 12 years thats amazing to me, even after i ditched it, which didnt seem to phase it internally. 100% recommended to anyone wanting a cheap, affordable gas sipping (21-32MPG) 4 door sedan.

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The Car That Won't Quit

QueenFancyPants, 10/27/2008
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I received my Lumina, from my aunty a while back. She gave it to me when she got a new car. The Lumina is a great car. It's great on fuel mileage, reliable and very comfortable. I'm 5'6'' and I can easily get comfortable in the drivers seat. Power is instant and I can hardly resist the sound of the 3.1 V6. The car has over 140,000 miles on it and the transmission shifts from first to fourth since it's failing. Other than that, this car is perfect. I love the interior and exterior and it's a shame that Chevy stopped making Luminas. Reliablity is spot on and I do routine maintenence myself. It's the car the won't quit.

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reliable, comfortable cruiser

Pete, 11/22/2009
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Bought this as a used, first car for a new driver due to good crash test ratings. Over the 5 yrs we have had it, I am impressed with the comfortable, quiet ride and high overall reliability and low operating costs.. Highly recommended..

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